Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The weather may be sunny...........

.............but we have a TORNADO here in Minehead!
- continued................
Here are some of the photographs we took
yesterday lunch time.

Tornado arriving at Minehead Station
Tornado being filled with coal
Well it was lunchtime!

We saw some strange sights too...............

Someone worshipping the engine!
Actually he is a professional cameraman!

Someone giving the coal a drink because it was thirsty!
(to keep the coal dust from flying everywhere)

This attractive signpost is outside the station


  1. I love the sign!
    I'm a huge lover of steam trains. My Grandad was an engine driver with the GWR, years ago, in the days of steam.

  2. thanks Julie for your lovely message, your so kind, poor old joshy is poorly and so tearful! xx

  3. What a great Tornado! I wish we could travel about on trains like that still - not that I remember that we did!!! x


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