Wednesday 23 January 2013

Another Moan!

I am NOT a happy Bunny!

I don't mind the pigeons and I don't even mind squirrels eating the food I put out the the birds, we have all got to eat, but having seagulls sitting on the bird feeder tray just takes the biscuit, literally!  The sole reason of buying the bird feeder in the first place was to try and discourage the seagulls.  I like them in their place at the beach, and they do have characters of their own but really.................

NO! - Todays grievance

We seem to have the distant cousin of the kangaroo invading our house!  Well, we are not sure what it is, it could be a mouse, or it could be a rat we are just not sure, but think this one must be wearing a nappy! Mice and rats tend to leave a trail of poo but there is no evidence of droppings and we are not sure where it is coming in from either, but we know we have a visitor because of the chewed up silver paper in a corner of the room. First, we put chocolate down which disappeared by the next day, so out came the poison. Just as well our eccentric friend didn't see this or we would have had a lecture on cruelty on wildlife, and yes we like wildlife in their own habitat not OURS!  

I have an old pair of shoes that I use to trek up the garden or to go for muddy walks in, and this time of year I keep them under the radiator just to keep the chill off. It was just as well I picked them up first, because over-night our visitor had decided to spew-up the second lot of rat poison in one of them.  The first night all the poison had gone, but the second night only half had gone!

Friday 18 January 2013

Snow and other things

As I look out of the window the snow falls silently, but it is not staying, it hits the ground and melts, which in away is quite sad, but I am quite glad it is not settling.   Although it looks pretty I think I am too old for snow....... The view is from our driveway looking up the road.

View from the front door this morning - I wonder what we shall see tomorrow!

We went shopping early this, most took the advice so Tesco and Morrisons was virtually empty this morning. Look was I got............

Some snowy white Tulips

I made a snugly warm teddy bear too!
He can be found here

Monday 14 January 2013

Flowery Monday

Its cold, its damp and its raining icy rain quite hard.  
We haven't had any snow we we live yet - not sure I want any either.  
I thought I would show you my flowers I still have left from Christmas Eve...........

These hyacinths smell absolutely beautiful!

Saturday 12 January 2013

My new frock!

Two and half years ago our eldest son Michael got married, this March our youngest son Peter is getting married.  For Michael's wedding I had a dress made, but the lady who made my dress doesn't make dresses anymore, so I thought I would have a go..........  she made the pattern to fit me so why not?  I tried to make a dress before about thirty years ago but it didn't exactly fit only where it touched and was a bit small, and before that I was at school, in a class where I didn't get on with the teacher, failed my CSE needlework and the class bully was in the same class, and one lesson I was chucked out for screaming,  the class bully stuck a pin in my bum but I was the one who got told off!   Anyway I thought I would give it a go.  I made the top of the dress from an old curtain I had bought in a charity shop ages ago just to make sure it would fit me before I cut the actually dress fabric.  I also altered the pattern.  The dress is a shirt style but like a mans shirt with a pleat down the back which I didn't want, I just wanted a plain back so with pins, sellotape and brown paper I was set to redesign the pattern which I managed to do.  I made the skirt part fit the same way.  My problem is I am short, stout with a large bum, when I have the dress on and look in the mirror all I see is a frump!  I took my time and five days later I have a dress.  All I have to do now is make sure I have tacked up the hem the correct length, then hem the bottom, hem the sleeves and make button holes.  I think  I will practise a couple of buttonholes everyday for a week before I let myself loose on the dress, but I had better buy the buttons first though, not sure whether to buy abalone shell ones, or make covered buttons? 

Wednesday 9 January 2013

All Sorts of things and a Mini Moan!

We'll start with the Mini Moan!  
This radio (Bush DAC90) was in a scene of BBC's two parter Restless, from it you heard an announcement about the bombing of Pearl Harbour (7th December 1941). I have also seen, or rather heard, many years ago in the film All Creatures Great and Small, one of Winston Churchill's famous wartime speeches coming from it.  This radio may look of its time, but it wasn't released until 1946, definitely postwar!  Moan over now back to blog post!

My hyacinths have turned into lowercinths, but still flowering beautifully.

This photograph was taken was taken last Sunday (6th January).  This is a strange phenomenon to Minehead, it happens every year in January, unless this happens in your area too!  Let me know.......

No babies or dolls were harmed in the taking of this photo!

After we tidied up after the grandchildren went after Christmas we put the toys on the stairs ready to take up, we thought this was funny, as after being slung around the floor in amongst other toys the baby-doll has taken to the bottle or rather the decanter!  

Vegetable recipe can be found here, and I have made some more bags which can be found here and here

Tuesday 1 January 2013

The New Year Begins!


I wonder what this year will bring...........?  I wonder what we will be doing..........?  I wonder what the weather will be like..........?  I wonder..................