Wednesday 30 April 2008


................ for "Flat Surface Syndrome" to set in again -

Its a very nasty disease.

It only take two or three days to do so!

I see it already has in the matter of two seconds

there is already a peg on the table!


Tuesday 29 April 2008

See inside for such wonderous examples such as
"Vertical trapezium distortion"
(very painful!)
"Excessive damping causing foldover"
(should have aired the sheets!)
as for
"Parallelogram distortion"
(the least said the better!)

Monday 28 April 2008

Well I bought them, I suppose I had better go and plant them!

Sunday 27 April 2008

On the way to Bristol

Down country lanes listening to 30's music on the car radio and keeping an ear open for the Sat Nav! from one extreme to the other....... But that is not the reason for this blog. The reason dangerous driving! Here we are stuck between a horse box with no brake lights and a range-rover towing a caravan in narrow roads and country lanes! We were over-taken by three cars and a motor-bike. Need I say more.........

Saturday 26 April 2008

One of the roads near where I live.
The trees are Flowering Cherry

Friday 25 April 2008


At last I have finished the quilt.
It is a sampler quilt.
Twenty-five squares each one very different.

Thursday 24 April 2008

Our son Robert.............

.................decided to visit for a couple of nights.
He doesn't look like this normally, he is an actor at "Ghosts Alive" at Warwick Castle

Wednesday 23 April 2008

I found some.............

................Daisies in my lawn!

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Vegetable Casserole

Any vegetables you have in the veggie-rack/fridge.
I used:~
1 Swede
3 Very Large Carrots
4 Small Potatoes
1 Butternut Squash
1 Leek
1 Onion

2 Tins of Tomatoes (chopped)

1 good dessert spoon of Italian Herbs
1 dessert spoon of Worcestershire Sauce
Ground Pepper

4oz/110grms Vegetable Suet and 8oz/220 grms Flour

Peel and chop the vegetables into about 2" pieces and put them all in a casserole dish with a lid
Pour in the tin of tomatoes and then fill both tins with water and also pour into the casserole
Add Italian Herbs, Worcestershire Sauce and Ground Pepper
Put in the oven at 170 degrees, gas 3 and forget about it for a good couple hours
Mix Suet and Flour with water till a dropping consistency is acheived
Put spoonfuls of this mix on top of casserole and cook for another 40minutes until cooked through
Serve in warm bowls

This recipe serves four people or two meals for two people!

Monday 21 April 2008

Yesterday's blog..................

.........................all tests fully completed!

Sunday 20 April 2008

Men and cars.................

..................not in my case! Man and his radios - YES! This is a PYE QAC 38 of 1937 without its cover, the attractive bit you would see. It's on the test bench just having been fixed. (This is the bit where we wait to see if it goes off bang or not!) A living museum you may say, but we do listen to Dewi Griffiths between 9.00am and 10.00 am on Sunday morning who plays music that would have been heard through these valves originally.

Saturday 19 April 2008

Fridge Magnet

My friend Jane gave me this fridge magnet - I think its great!

Friday 18 April 2008


Russian Dolls circa 1964

Thursday 17 April 2008

Bols Mauve

My friend Ginny bought me this Perennial Wallflower as my birthday gift.
A lovely surprise as I have been wanting one of these plants for a long time.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Flower Bed

I really must get into the garden and sort the flowerbed out!

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Happy Birthday!


Monday 14 April 2008

My Baytree again...............!

I have never in the ten years it has been planted in my garden seen flowers on my culinary Bay

Sunday 13 April 2008


................the first coat of blue paint has gone on!
It's called "Royal Regatta"

Saturday 12 April 2008

Polly, Poppy and the Snails!

I am feeding my friend's pets this week-end.

Friday 11 April 2008

Only tiny pieces of material left..............

I needed to make another square for my quilt, but I only had tiny pieces left.
Then I discovered "Stitch and Tear, and used it as foundation material.
This can be bought in most haberdashery shops/departments

I drew a template as accurate as possible,
making sure I included the 1/4" seam allowance.
Then I numbered the places in order for attaching the material
Attach the material, making sure the right sides face each other
and carefully machine along the drawn lines.
A quilt should be made with love in each stitch,
be careful that the small piece of material fits properly
by folding it across the machine line so it covers the square properly
otherwise there will be a few swear words added to the love !

When all the machining has been completed carefully tear the paper away

One 12" patchwork square completed awaiting sashing and quilting

Thursday 10 April 2008


The skyline from my back garden at 12.15pm

Wednesday 9 April 2008

What is this shrub really called............. mum always used to call it "Billy's Button" or "Clowns Buttons"!

Tuesday 8 April 2008

I don't know how..........

..............but, these Grape Hyacinths appear every year from a crack in my front door step

Monday 7 April 2008

Bluebell Patch

A few English Bluebells which grow on the edge of my driveway

Sunday 6 April 2008

100th Post!

Our hall was stripped of wallpaper and carpet in the last century! November 1998 to be exact, nearly ten years ago!
This morning I put a coat of primer on the wood and sighed a sigh of relief knowing something is actually getting done!

Saturday 5 April 2008


Cor! I could with some of that "Lifebouy" it sounds great stuff!
As for him well!!!! I don't think he is a very nice man!

Friday 4 April 2008


First of the many bags of Dandelions I give to Jane through the summer for her three tortoises
which have just woken from their winter hibernation.
I have a lot of Dandelions growing in my garden!

Thursday 3 April 2008


One of the many clumps that appear in my garden

Wednesday 2 April 2008

The Butchers!

This is the view I see every day when I am at work.

Tuesday 1 April 2008


One of the twenty-five patchwork squares of the sampler quilt I'm making