Wednesday 28 March 2012

Happy Birthday! Ouch! Ouch! and Sorry!

It was our eldest son's 31st Birhday on Monday
Where did those years go...........?

I accidently broke one of my favourite knitting needles.
I sat on it!
Something has been digging my garden.
Is it a Mole....?  We get lots of Mole hills around the garden.
Is it a Rat or Mouse..........?
Is it a Fox or Badger...........?
OR perhaps..........
a Big Cat.............!

.................and  the SORRY!

I had an email from the Cancer Care people re-my email/letter I sent.  I sent an email when I got home because I was so angry, but I didn't get a very good response with them saying their web/email site was down, so I sent them a letter as well.

Here is their reply via email.............

Thank you for your e-mail, which was received on 8th March 2012.
I was very concerned to read that you were made to feel disappointed by the decision of our shop manager at the Exeter shop.
I have asked my senior colleague who is responsible for all of the shops in the Devon area to investigate this matter with the Shop manager. They have informed me that this decision went against standard practice, so they have spoken to the shop manager to emphasise this point.
The shop manager has requested that I pass on their sincere apologies to you for any upset caused over this matter and they hope you will return at some point in the future to continue supporting our vital work.
On behalf of Cancer Research UK, please accept my sincere apologies for the frustration that was caused. I hope the actions we have taken have reassured you of our commitment to our supporters.
Together we will beat cancer.

Friday 23 March 2012

More Flowers!

Last night Alex picked me up from Sally's house after I took some things round to her for our Fayre we went on to Morrisons for a little bit of shopping.........well more like bargain hunting it was 5.50pm!

I popped to the loo, and Alex went ahead to start shopping, when I found him these were in the trolly.  I didn't look at the price they came off the bargain trolly for the fruit and veg.
In the bunch there were these........

Loads of this of different sizes and varieties........

and this!

all for the princely sum of this!
YES! you read is correctly - but for those who need to take a second look
no I couldn't believe it either!
£35 to 25p - a BARGAIN don't you think!

from all the flowers I had last week - I had to break up the beautiful display but if I didn't........

The Irises are not looking their best - the Golden Rod is OK.
The yellow Roses I put into the vase with Robert's flowers

There were was also a few stems of this flower - I don't know what it is called (can anyone help with this?) but you can use them with flowers that go in water or you can use them in a dry flower display.  The petals feel like paper, and the stalks are rough.  I do know they are grown especially for flower diplays. 
I keep them now in a separate vase and until they look pass their best but I have some that are two or three years old.  Think I may chuck some away and replace them with with these!

Sunday 18 March 2012

I would like to thank.............

This huge box was delivered to me on Friday, there is a clue on the box to say what is inside...........  But nevertheless it was a lovely surprise.
Inside was this beautiful bouquet. The flowers are delivered in a non-spillable container of water wrapped in cellophane

I transferred the flowers to a glass vase that once belonged to my mum and possibly my grandmother.

I would like to three boys.
But it doesn't finish there..........

On Saturday morning this was delivered

As I opened the box the smell was delightful

This little bouquet was sent by Robert who at the moment is in Sydney Australia

Friday 9 March 2012

No More Charity Shopping - EVER!

Yesterday we sort of had a wonderful day in Exeter.  In the morning we met up with my dad.  He caught the bus from Okehampton, and we met and had late breakfast with him.  Went with him to a few shops, and that two hours went quite quickly but very enjoyable then we went to the bus station with him to wait with him for his journey home. 

First thing I noticed was the picture that greeted us for more than twenty years was gone!

The above picture was changed to this..................
I know they are trying to modernise Exeter, and this picture was cleverly done.  The plaster has been chipped away to reveal the brickwork underneath (click on it and take a closer look).  And, I have to say the Next shop looks like it has been wrapped in bubble wrap, but that is just my opinion! 

Now to the title of this post!  Yesterday after walking to the bus station with dad we spotted all the charity shops plus the three down Sidwell Street so we thought we would look in them before coming home instead of going back round town and spent a couple of good hours looking - I know I said no more charity shops because they were far too expensive but I have to admit I have been inside a few to see what there is for the grandchildren and for fabric to make things with.  Alex wanted to go and look anyway.  It was going well till we went to the Cancer Care UK shop in Sidwell Street.  I spotted a really lovely pretty dress in the window and I wanted it, I hadn't bought anything in the other shops not even for the grandchildren.  It was the style I liked and I new it would fit me.  Now what happened next could only happen to me, it was quite unbelievable!  I went in and asked the price and a young lad tried to look in the window for me unsuccessfully, then said he would ask out the back. The young lady he spoke to him and said said "tell 'er its £10, I do not want to sell the dress till after tomorrow because we have management inspecting the shop for a competition and we have to make the window summery looking..."  I heard this quiet narration and we left the shop me feeling very disappointed. I have now decided not to continue to purchase items from any charity shop EVER which is a pity as I am myself a victim of breast cancer and would have been very happy to continue to support the cancer shops.  I was so upset by this I have even written a letter of complaint to Cancer Care UK.

Sunday 4 March 2012

We've got one of those!

Over breakfast while reading my Country Living Magazine

Turning the pages I spotted this!

Now please feel free to go and read another blog right now..............

I know they are negleted and abused by my husband who keeps his crap vintage radio bits in them! Here are our cabinets.......

this one which was painted this yukky colour before we bought it about twenty years ago!
We paid about £5 for it.

and this not so nice one.........
a 1970's retro, it should have sliding doors at the top which we still have, but they were removed for easier use!

The one in the magazine

£1,980 !

Thursday 1 March 2012


..........I made was quite easy to work out even if I didn't have written instructiuons!
I even made the bias binding/tape for the pockets

Thank you for the lovely comments. 
Mostly the comments suggested an Apron, a few said perhaps a Peg Bag Apron, which is what I decided to make. 
What do you think................?

And.......................If there are no objections I have decided to make this my Monthly Make for March