Monday 23 February 2015

Amaryllis - Week 7 - not had one doing that before..........

Sorry a day late!  Nothing odd in this photo you may think.  I had my suspicions for a few days, but hadn't mentioned it before.  Go to last post and click on the top picture and take a closer look can you see it?  I'll come back to the Amaryllis later.............  I like surprises don't you?

We had a mini-break with my dad at the end of last week.  We went to Tavistock on the wettest day of the week.  I couldn't resist photographing the beautiful weather-vane.

When we came back we restarted work in the garden on Saturday morning.  It was a lovely day on Saturday, even got washing dried on the line.  

We cleared the last bit

Most of it went into one bag.  We dodge the rain on Sunday to just clear up the last of dried twigs and brambles, now rain has stopped play again!

The first of the Primroses in bloom

and...............Sir Henry Robin keeping and eye on us.  He oftens sings while we work.

Back to the Amaryllis........... Can you see it...............?

YES!  We have a third flower!

Sunday 15 February 2015

Amaryllis - Week 6

The Amaryllis is fading, but we have a second one growing fast behind.

Rain has stopped play in the garden for a while.  Once this bit has been cleared that will be stage one for this area.  The growth has been cut at the bottom so there is nothing holding it up so you would think it would just drop or blow off in a gust of wind, no..... it is clinging onto the fence with dear life, so we are having to get the loppers to cut it away.   It cannot bee seen but we have a shed out of shot of the right hand side.  This had been a dumping ground for many years and now we will have to clear it, we made the mess so.......,  some of it will stay, for a little wild life place, it cannot be seen.  

Something for Valentines Day

We have often seen two pigeons feeding together.
(sorry its not clear, took the photo through the window as I didn't want them to fly off)

Sunday 8 February 2015

Amaryllis - week 5 and the Garden again

My Amaryllis seems to have a character all of its own this week!  
I have taken a photo every day......








This was last Monday


As you see we are tackling thorns which are very long and quite viscous!
The stalks more like mini tree trunks are about an inch in diameter.  We fill a bag which takes about forty minutes then we come in for coffee, and tackle more the next day.
I did feel a bit guilty about the birds habitat, then I thought well if we had just moved into this property the first thing we would have done was clear the bottom of the garden.  We only found one old birds nest in amongst the brambles, I thought there was going to be loads..........

I have put some of these in my Folksy shop - see side bar

Thursday 5 February 2015


Its our son Peter's 29th Birthday today
Happy Birthday Peter

Sunday 1 February 2015

Amaryllis - week 4

I'm sure this Amaryllis grows while you look at it!

taken Friday night about 9pm
I swear the bud is smiling................

taken Saturday afternoon about 4pm
In less than twenty-four hours we have this

taken 9.15am

It looking lovely - thank you Jane - my best friend Jane - its a pity she doesn't have a blog she is a very good photographer, and she has an excellent way with words.

We haven't managed to get into the garden since last Tuesday.  We must be the only place that actually has not seen snow!  Not one flake!  We have had very heavy rain, and hail but no snow!

I have finished my second commission of the year though

It didn't help though that the pattern was wrong!  This is for a lady who I tried to teach crochet to, but she just couldn't get her head round it, I haven't given up on her though, I will try again when she is ready.