Thursday 30 May 2013

My Email has gone down...........

SORRY to who needs emails answering.  We use Talktalk and receive through Outlook express, they have had an argument and talktalk are trying get them to make friends again.  They have been trying since Tuesday afternoon!   Anyway sorry I cannot remember your name, but you had some vintage magazine, yes please I am interested

This darling little birdie has been singing outside my bedroom window since 2.30 this morning!  (I know it was then, I went to the loo then)  Won't tell you what I said at 6.30am!  It wasn't very ladylike!!!

My Laburnum tree is in bloom it is so pretty with its acid yellow flowers.

It said on the seed packet sow before 2008.  I just opened the packet and sprinkled thinly a few days back, I have to wait and see, it was a mixed packet of seeds
Seagull lunch party!
I broke up some stale bread and put it in the bird tray, Fatso the Wood Pigeon (our name for the pigeon) sat on the tray and chucked every single piece out, along came the seagulls and eat every scrap.........


Sunday 26 May 2013

Assortment Sunday

Its been one of those weeks!  Nothing seems to have gone right!  At the beginning of the week, well the end of last week I put one of my handmades on ebay.  I had seven watchers by the time it ended, but no-one put in a bid, for some reason it quite upset me.  I am always being told oh, you should put this on ebay, or you should put that on ebay so I did!  I was quite disappointed to the fact I was actually going to put all my crafting stuff into a charity shop.  I thought 'Vintage'  was the by-word.  A few months ago I was told I didn't actually craft.......I was wondering what I did do, but apparently I should be making lots of one item and not one or two one-off items which I prefer to do!

A commission - it had to be Lavender in colour hope the people like it

I buy my eggs from our local farmers market once a week, the rare breed eggs were the same price as the normal eggs so I bought half a dozen, they tasted the same but the shells were very pretty - pale blue.

It comes to something when you have to weed the compost bag doesn't it!  Do you remember the empty nest  well.................

Sorry the picture is not clear, because I wanted to take the picture and leave with out disturbing the place too much, and the other day I saw the sparrow sitting on the nest.  I won't go near too often now because I do not want the nest abandoned.

An Electrolier - not a chandelier!
It is run off electricity not candles.

The white garden

The Walled garden

Friday we went out for the day to the National Trust property Barrington Court another disappointing place in my eyes, the house had no furniture or exhibits.  It once belonged to Col, Lyle of Tate and Lyle syrup and sugar, and when his son gave it back to the NT (the family leased it for 100yrs)  he took all his furniture and just left the wood panelling.  Then we went on to............................

Market place Shpton Mallet

Yes.........we went to see lovely Nikki

Such a lovely lady.  

It has only taken us three years to get there..........
Shepton Mallet must be one of England's best kept secret, we just kept missing the turn off to the place!  So this time I put the SatNav on!

I just had to take a photo of this weather-vane I thought it quite unusual

Yesterday afternoon we went to a very, very large bootfair, the field was full to capacity, it was such a lovely afternoon, well over about two hundred cars at least.  It took an hour to get round, we only went round the once!  All I came back with was this sieve! I needed to replace my one like it because the sieve part was parting from metal edge, from too much being squashed in the dishwasher!

Last night I joined I don't know anything about my family.  My parents didn't talk, my mum didn't like living in the past, but I have two wonderful grandchildren growing up fast and I know nothing about our family, I know more about my husbands than my own!  If anyone lives in Ipswich, Suffolk UK and knows anything about Alice Wilden who died in 1943 (she was my grandmother), or the Wilden family please let me know........

Before I go I would like to say a big HELLO to my two new followers.

Sunday 19 May 2013

My friend Jane's birthday

It was my really lovely best friend Jane's birthday today.  So as part of her presents I made her a gooey cake!  The cake is this one.  It has strawberry jam in the middle, and I leveled the top and spread with clotted and strawberries.

We sat in her garden drinking tea and

enjoying the cake.

Before we left I printed and cut all the names

and Jane picked one out for me.

The lucky winner is named..........................

Thursday 16 May 2013

Roll-up, Roll-up

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Tuesday 14 May 2013

I Went to a Different Kind of Vintage Fair and Your Mother Bought Flowers!

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Once a year my husband travels to Warwick Exhibition Centre to sell vintage radios and record players.  There are a lot of like minded fellows there, mostly male.  There are lots of interesting things for sale like valves, and bits of wire, and gramophone needles.  Believe me its interesting!  I tag along because he tags along with me to the ones I want to go to, its only fair!  I take my knitting and mind the stall which we share with two others while they wander round.  When we arrived at the unearthly hour of  7am  on Sunday morning, the man on the gate asked for tickets. Alex duly handed over the car park ticket and his ticket and the man asked about me....... Alex replied, do you know, I forgot about the wife!  Well really..........!  But I was allowed in without paying.  

This time he took lots of record players.  He sold every single one including the 70's Sony music centre (left of the picture)!  He also sold the Dansette, the one in the middle.  The other one is a 78's only Collaro, and apart from the other  Collaro we have at home, which belonged to Alex's uncle, we have only ever seen one other in a film with John Mills called Waterloo Road.  When we watch films and they have a radio or record player on we try and see what it is.  The contemporary films are OK, its when they make a modern film set in the 40's or the 50's and get it wrong it rankles but that's a whole other blog post!

We stayed with our lovely friends for two nights while we were in Warwick.  On Saturday night they said they would invite Robert and Anneka over as well (our son and partner who live that way too).  We all had a wonderful meal and a chat.  I took a pot plant because they love their garden.

We watched Robert and Anneka drive up, when they stopped Robert went to the back of the car and brought this out!

Robert entertains children with balloon sculptures!  Our friend said your mother bought flowers!


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Friday 10 May 2013

Lilies Day - 24 ..............And a giveaway!!

Alas poor Lilies we knew them so well.....................

I still have a few of my Carnations

Where have the trees gone............
What have they done...................

The local wildlife is very puzzled as to what has happened to the trees!

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Thursday 9 May 2013

Lilies Day 23........

There still here.........

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Lilies Day - 22

Last two still here!

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Lilies Day - 21 They're still here......just about........

I'm afraid..........

I had to succumb!

We still have these two.........
still more blogging hope you aren't too bored?

Thought I would walk around the garden and see what was growing all of a sudden after all this sunshine!

My Daisies you can read their story here


and the unusual flowers of the Bay

Harebell, Bluebell, Welsh Leek, Dandelions, Herb Robert, Celandine, Daisy, Lady's Mantle and I am not sure what the  deeper blue flower on top right is

and some weeds wildflowers that grow in my garden

Monday 6 May 2013

Lilies Day - 20 and Sunday with really lovely friends

I think I will have to say goodbye......... they were lovely whilst they sat in the vase.  Their white petal glittering the sunshine as it shone through the window.  Their smell was out of this world.

But all is not lost

I still have these three for a while longer.  They were the last three to bloom.


I had one special gift for my birthday.  Our friends David and Jane asked me what I would like for my birthday.  Well I have got to the stage where I wasn't really sure what I wanted, so I said I would like an M&S voucher, I would add the rest and cook it we will have one of their meals for two for £10 but buying two lots.  So yesterday afternoon was wonderful,  Lovely friends and not much cooking for Sunday lunch which We rarely have these days!  We normally have a fish and chip supper with these friends

I also made a cake the recipe can be found here

Sunday 5 May 2013

Lilies Day -19

My poor Lilies are fading

These three were the last three heads to flower.

The Carnations are lasting well too!