Sunday 28 March 2010

Muesli Biscuits..........again!

Thing is I don't like muesli as a cereal,
I think is has something do with eating raw porridge!
But, I love these, and make them often.

The recipe is here and they are so simple, quick and easy to make!

I made eight but could only fit six in the tin,
so we had to eat two for elevenses!
I decided I didn't like the Scissor Keeper I made Friday.
I redrew the pattern and made it slightly larger and simpler.
The new style can be found here

Friday 26 March 2010

Scissor Keeper

Tell me.........where has this week gone? One day it was Sunday, I was baking Scones and Cupcakes, now it is Friday! My son Michael is 29 today too! Where has the years gone, let alone the weeks and the days, and there is never enough hours in the day!

I still craft, is everyone else still doing their twenty minute crafting too? I make mess while doing so! I have been trying to make Scissor Keepers for sometime now. I have never seen Scissor Keepers for Dressmaking Scissors only for Embroidery Scissors so I thought I would try and make.................

I will be making more in other colours and will be in the shop soon

Sunday 21 March 2010

Show n' Tell!

Good afternoon, may I offer you a cup of tea,
I'll make coffee if you would like some.

or Iced Cup cakes, or both if your wish..........

I have created a new blog
it will just of pictures taken locally or days out

I designed and made this Housewife/Hussif.
Traditionally, a folding bag or roll taken by men going to war in 1914-18,
the Hussif is a useful way to keep all your sewing equipment at hand.
This Hussif has been designed to hold large dressmaking scissors
normally they only hold small scissors
I also made this Freeform felted brooch.
Both these items can be found here
I have a Paypal account
so if you wish to purchase anything just send me an email.

Saturday 13 March 2010

Cheese Toastie!

This is just an ordinary Cheese Toastie! I don't own a sandwich toaster anymore. We have had two in the past years but never really got on with them! This is how I make Cheese Toasties........

Take four slices of bread - wholemeal or white it doesn't matter!
Place two slices on the grill pan
Grate any cheese, whatever you prefer
Grate a little pepper, and sprinkle with a few Italian Herbs
Not too much Pepper and Herbs just enough to taste
Add a couple of slices of tomato on each (optional)

Grill until the cheese has melted but try not to let it go brown
Needs to be sticky

Place the other two slices of bread on the top
and carefully brown under the grill on both sides


At the moment I am listening to my charity shop find. I remember I was first introduced to this when I was in music lessons in school in about 1970. We were taught the different types of music, like Country, Rock n' Roll, a Jazz piece and the piece with a French theme. I have always enjoyed this musical ever since. I have never seen it in on stage in London, but have always seen travelling productions last time about ten years ago in the theatre in Plymouth. Even the travelling shows are spectacular. I even introduced it to my husband to it who enjoys it too. We also have the DVD with Donny Osmond.
I also found this pretty book for Caitlin

Sunday 7 March 2010

Sunday's Pudding

Thought we would have a pudding with lunch today.
It is quite unusal for us to have puddings,

but I thought I would make this
Marmalade Roll
From this book

Tuesday 2 March 2010


My friend asked me if I would like this - I didn't say no............
Inside......there were knitting patterns for..........

"Little People"

.......and "Big People"
Just look at the undies!
not sure I fancy knitted knickers though.....
.............and I never knew that there was that many styles of SOCKS!