Monday 29 August 2011

At the bottom of the road there is a rather large train set!

I've blogged about the West Somerset Railway many times before, but there is just something about steam trains isn't there?

We now have a turntable at the station, because at one time the West Somerset Railway was famous for the engine to leave Minehead backwards!

This week we again had a "TORNADO" (a little video taken two years ago) visiting. 
Read about Tornado here

Also on the station platform is this little model of the Hogwarts Express.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Don't Feed the Seagulls!

Meet Cyril!
He is hand knitted and can be found here

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Two Years Old!

Caitlin was two last Wednesday.
On Saturday all the family gathered in Okehampton to see Caitlin's great-grandad and to celebrate Caitlin's bithday. Where has the last two years gone? Does anybody know?


We had an in-house entertainer. Uncle Robert taught himself to make balloon scultures.
He made the Little Mermaid. not too sure Caitlin was impressed, but we all were.  He is self-taught and if we say so ourselves he is very talented. 

We mustn't forget Liam.  He slept for two hours, in amongst the chattering and laughter!

Monday 8 August 2011

Vintage China

Go here to find out more........................!

Sunday 7 August 2011

Family Tree Quilt

In 2006 before I had a blog!
I made this quilt for our very good friends David & Jane
Made from twelve 'nine-patch' squares and thirteen plain squares.
The four corners are hand quilted ~
Jane has two tortoises, she loves Snowmen, collects Rocking Horses and has a Horse call Shiloe

Nine of the squares are hand quilted with Hearts.
These three show dates of birth of Jane and David and their son Alan
The wedding dates of David and Jane and their son Alan and DIL Annabel (I have just filled this heart today)
The dates of birth of their two grandchildren, Thomas and Erin (which I also added today)
One Heart has their Surname and the other is blank awaiting to be stitched sometime!

This quilt looks odd because of the way it is quilted.  Only the plain squares are quilted.