Sunday, 18 September 2016


Last week we took the train from Bristol to Edinburgh, and had a wonderful week here. 

We took open top tourist bus rides around Edinburgh. 

We also saw paintings in the National Gallery, went to Dynamic Earth and learnt about the the big bang and the creation of the earth, as well as seeing a million pounds at the Museum on the Mound, a museum of money, and saw a wonderful exhibition of maps at the National Library of Scotland

Went to Tweedbank to see where Sir Walter Scott lived in Abbotsford House .

 Met some friends who we have known for nearly forty years and we all went to the Royal Yacht Britannia. 

I know they probably won't see this but we would like to say thank you to the three ladies who helped us. The first lady and her son who stopped in the rain to point us in the right direction for our hotel after seeing us trying to read a map on our arrival. The lady who told us of a better bus to get to the Royal yacht and then went to look for the correct stop for us. And the lady at the Camera Obscurer who advised we wouldn't see much that morning.

Friday, 26 August 2016

August Scavenger Hunt

Two in one photo.  
Blue carpet with feet.  
A "play" on feet......  The ruler is 24 inches which is two feet, and a pair of feet

The eye of a needle

My little button box

with many buttons

My three favourite people taken on a birthday outing last year

Another two in one photo

My knitting needles and crochet hooks I keep in glass vases.
The long thin brown vase belonged to my mother, and little round pot given to me twenty years ago is Dartington  Glass

Our very green front garden

Floor boards

My choice - the cake I made my seven year granddaughter for her birthday earlier this month with lots of blue smarties.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Bouquet of flowers......... lovely.  My husband bought then for me today

They look pretty in the vase

If ever my husband comes home with a bunch of flowers that he has paid full price for I will worry!  As he says it's the thought that counts. 

Saturday, 30 July 2016

July Scavenger Hunt


The mirrored doors in the room I use when I go and stay with my dad

Stripes of basic embroidery stitches 

Harry Potter had a chamber of them

The little red spotted lid on the tiny jam jar I keep my knitting stitch markers in

The contrasting colours and fabrics being used for my grandson's quilt

The vintage egg collecting basket housing stone flower pots

Not sure what this shrub is called, but the flower looks soft and fluffy

Ice lollies in the freezer for pudding

Our sadly neglected garden seat

My Choice
No one ever believes me this happens........... seagulls sitting on the bird feeder. I wouldn't mind but I took the trouble to grind down the peanuts this morning so the other birds could get a look in........ This seagull physically pushed a pigeon out of the way

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Patience is a Virtue

.......and of course a clever husband who managed to get my blog back for me.  Bit of a performance for nearly a fortnight but he managed it, but don't ask me how, I just hope he remembers how he did it if it goes missing again.    Two Sundays ago it went missing!  Disappeared in front of my very eyes it did!  Oh I could google it and find it but couldn't post on it.  But now I its back - hopefully.  Mind you I haven't done much really whilst I have been away.  

I did find the pieces for my grandson's quilt which I put away a year ago for personal reasons that at the moment I do not want to go into, needless to say I just did not want to craft or do anything for a year.  I helped some lovely little friends and their mummy with needlework but that has been it.  Then all of a sudden I wanted to sew, I wanted to knit and finish the quilt.