Sunday, 14 January 2018

Week Two 2018

Coughs and Sneezes and all that!

Had to cancel a dental appointment at the beginning of the week, don't like going to the dentist at the best of times, but I would never cancel an appointment, but on this occasion it was necessary. I have spent a week under a blanket watching old black and white films, wish sometimes I could do it every day, but even that has got boring! I wish this flu bug thing would fly away! Sore throat, tickly cough, sneezing, streaming eyes, aching limbs, I have had this over a week now!

Wednesday saw our grandson another year older.  He is seven now.  We were hoping to  be able to visit him and his sisters today.  His little sister will be four next Wednesday, and their cousin will be a year old a week after that. But alas this flu has taken hold, so hopefully we have re-arranged to see them the first weekend of February which will be Liam and his sister's daddy's birthday.

I had a lot of crafting planned to start, so a bit delayed in doing that.  I have been knitting, and on one occasion I was knitting six stitches and unpicking seven!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Week One 2018

First  week of the New Year.  
Not much happening, or done, just sorting of junk, charity shop giving, and knitting.  

Decorations down and put away on 31st December, to start the new year afresh.

Flowers my friend Jane gave me are still going strong.  
These were given me on 22nd December, so two weeks on and still looking pretty.

(above three photos taken 5th January 2018)

 Trees, who doesn't like trees? 
I see trees everyday. 
The old Oak, the Poplar trees, and the Laburnum in my garden.

Thought I might take a photo of these trees the first week of every month to see how they change.

(click to take a closer look)

Mr Robin sitting in the old Oak Tree

Monday, 1 January 2018


Another year, another mystery to what lies ahead of us all, another story to tell...........

This has been my motto for the last few years, and this year I have added a word, a very little word consisting of just two letters


DO it now, not tomorrow.  
Then the word that follows is DONE because you have done it, 
and the first two letters of DONE is DO.

I did FAIL on something last year (here).
Apart from Life getting in the way, I think I failed because I told the world, perhaps I shouldn't have done that!  But as they watch this space........

One thing I haven't failed on was the extra box I added all the council recycling boxes, the large cardboard we use as a charity box.  I have taken lots of things to the charity shop since adding the box.  Read about it here 

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Week Fifty-Two


Well there it was.......................gone!

All quiet till Friday when we visited our younger son Peter and his wife Steph and three of our grandchildren with presents, and had lunch out with them too.

New Year

Next year tomorrow, I wonder what it will bring. 
This year we had another beautiful grandchild who will be be a year old in January, so where did that year go............? 

My saddest day was taking my 85 year old dad to his new forever home. A care-home ten minutes from my house. So lovely to visit my dad twice a week now instead of every six weeks. The positive thing is he has settled remarkably well. We had Christmas lunch in the care-home with him which was lovely.
We had Christmas afternoon tea twice this year with lovely friends Bill and Janice once on 2nd January, and yesterday, and a cream tea in the summer, and looking forward to doing it all again. I hosted afternoon teas for more lovely friend David and Jane. Also met and had coffee with the lovely Michele and her lovely dog Minnie who was beautifully behaved waiting with me holding her lead outside the local post-office. 

This year I managed to tick off a three things from my bucket list. We went to Hampton Court Palace in the spring, somewhere I have been wanting to visit since I was a little girl, and seeing The Mousetrap since I got interested in the Agatha Christie books when I was about thirteen. Also a must see on my list was the Harry Potter Experience which we did too. 

So cheerio 2017, hello 2018 tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

2017 Advent Scavenger Hunt

I would like yo say thank you to everyone who joined in and/or read this year's 
Advent Scavenger Hunt, 
and hope we can all do it again next year, which would be rather lovely

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Advent Calendar - Door 23


My son Robert bought this little Nativity scene back from Mexico for me