Friday, 15 July 2016

Bloomin' Seagulls

No one ever believes me this happens........... seagulls sitting on the bird feeder. I wouldn't mind but I took the trouble to grind down the peanuts this morning so the other birds could get a look in........ This seagull physically pushed a pigeon out of the way

A fellow blogger has the similar trouble from seagulls

Thursday, 30 June 2016

June Scavenger Hunt

Cobblestones at Bayards Cove Dartmouth

Taken through the window on the Dartmouth to Paignton Steam Railway


The popular trees that were lopped at the end of last year near to where I live

Boat Float Dartmouth

Dovecot Dunster Somerset

My garden
(taken a few months back)

(I was actually photographing the ducks!)

The ferns that grow in my garden

My choice
As it is June, the summer solstice  and midsummer, I thought  I would use this photograph taken at the Model Village, Babbacomber near Torquay Devon

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Vintage Magazines

Few weeks ago I made the decision to sell my vintage magazines.  

Before anyone asks it was an easy decision to make because I am keeping my favourite ones which are the Needlewoman.  I find them the most interesting I get  more use from them.

The sale of the magazines are here

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Our Holiday........Part 2

This time last week we were coming to the end of our holiday. Despite the weather, rain hail, thunder..... Apart from spending time in Dartmouth, visited Dittisham, a place we know well, we visited Bygones and The Model Village in Babbacombe near Torquay a place I first visited with my grandparents when it first opened in 1963 and we took our boys in the eighties. We also visited the House of Marbles where there is a very large fascinating marble run

The photos are here

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Our Holiday....... part 1

This time last week we were half way through our holiday. Despite the weather, rain hail, thunder..... We spent time in Dartmouth, visited Dittisham, a place we know well as my parents lived there for nearly twenty years.
We even saw a wedding and the bride and groom travelled up the river dart to their wedding reception, on the way the groom opening a bottle of champagne with a sword.

We were very disappointed with Totnes. We went to Totnes on a Tuesday when the locals were suppose to dress up in Elizabethan costume, there was precisely three people dressed up!

I hope you don't get bored......... Make a cuppa and look at the pictures

They are here

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Scavenger Hunt

Sorry bit late with this, but here we go

The seaweed path at Coombe Martin

The hairy poppy leaves

Edible the grandchildren enjoying their ice-creams

Small, Forget-me-knot flowers

Poem, does a sonnet count?  
I stitched this on the wedding sampler for our son and daughter-in-law

My granddaughter's hands

Vintage embroidery


Not a view from the window, but a view from the front door same time every May

The friendly blackbird that followed us round the garden the other day whilst we were gardening

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Old Fashion Embroidery with Transfers

This post follows on from yesterday post
For many years I cross-stitched.  I used to test cross-stitch patterns for companies, but my first love is "proper" embroidery.  Working all those glorious stitches with great names, Chain Stitch, Satin Stitch, Running Stitch, French Knots (the first stitch I ever learnt) and lots and lots of other stitches too.  You know, the stitches they are seen on vintage tablecloths and tray cloths and embroidered pictures,  These were mostly worked in the 30's and 40's era from transfers which were purchased and ironed on to linen fabric.  

Sarah of Homespun Stitchworks  wrote a post this morning about these.  This is the pen  I discovered and is mentioned in Sarah's post

all you do is find a picture or an old transfer you like a photo-copy it onto plain paper, remembering if words are on the transfer they must be in reverse or mirror image otherwise they will come out wrong on the transfer.  After you have printed out, turn the paper over and hold up to the light, if it looks correct go over the photo-copy with the pen and iron onto a pure cotton or linen fabric.  If you are not sure if the transfer has transferred.  Being very careful not to move the paper lift one corner, and look.  Go over with the iron again if feint.  I actually use my iron on the steam setting, but you can use a dry iron too. 

The transfer ready to be stitched

Stitch the pattern however you wish

Place the finished embroidery inside one of those laundry bags and pin the corners and the sides.  This can be put in with your normal everyday washing.  I find machine washing gives better results. 
Putting your embroidered piece in a bag stops the raw edge fraying, and  pinning it in stops it being screwed up in the corner of the bag.

When the wash cycle has finished, take out lay face down on the ironing board and iron whilst still damp. Then place somewhere flat to air off.

Also following on from yesterdays post I stitched this for my mother thirty years ago whilst pregnant.  It has been washed and ironed many many times