Thursday, 26 March 2015

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Eldest son Michael 34 years old today - OK where did those years go?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Amaryllis, chapter 4 -Week 11 - its been a funny week..........

I will miss it when it isn't there anymore.  This Amaryllis seems to have gone on forever and a day!

........but as you see it is coming to the end now...........  The leaves are starting to grow now too.  If anyone knows how to keep this bulb till next year please tell me...........

My flowers from mothers day last week are still going strong.  These photos were taken this morning.

This week I made and sent off two more seagulls to a new home in Essex.

I made a cheesecake, the recipe can be found on Frugal Queen's blog here 

I topped mine with blackberries we picked last autumn and froze, and used Morrison's Lime Marmalade because that is all I had.

Which watched the eclipse through the pinhole in a piece of card

and made pretty patterns with a colander 

Purchased another shrub for the garden.

Just a reminder that any of my Daffodils sold during March I will be making a £3 donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care Fund

That was the things that went right, the things that went wrong!  One husband lost his tooth, a crown he has had for years, normally if it comes out whilst eating he retrieves it makes an appointment with the dentist and it get put back, not this this time is got swallowed.  I did say he could look for it but would he want it back in his mouth........ and probably about time he had a new one.......... he is going to have a new one but at a cost!  Two, The fuel pump in the car has gone so another repair, car trapped in town, last time this happened he was across the road reversing into the drive, next thing I see the neighbours pushing the car onto our drive,
so we thought it was just a flooded engine because the car started straight away the next day and that was before we took the trip to Okehampton and thought nothing of it,we could have easily been stuck in Tavistock on a very wet day!  Three, The man was suppose to come and check the rampaging woodworm but never turned up at the allotted time, rang us past the time he should have arrived and said he wasn't coming our way because another appointment has been cancelled.  Husband rang them back and said he was going to take his business elsewhere, they are suppose to be coming next week now!  As they say watch this space!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Amaryllis, chapter 3 - Week 10

Third stalk in full flower.  The second stalk had three flower heads, and the third one has four.  I will miss this Amaryllis when this bulb finally dies down.  You can follow its growth from here.  I have to say it has been stunning, and I have loved watching it grow.

I had these gorgeous Lilies from my son Robert and daughter-in-law Anneka.

At the beginning of the week the postman delivered this gorgeous felt brooch and key-ring from Rae

Found these shrubs in my local Poundland to plant at the bottom of the garden.

And some gorgeous flowers which have just arrived from Interflora from Michael and Lizzie

Monday, 9 March 2015

Amaryllis, chapter 2 - Week 9

Well as you see its still flowering.  

But this stalk only has three heads................ and the other stalk is doing well too.

More flowers, Morrison's white tulips 75p

two pots of mini daffodils 5p per pot!

Just lately I just cannot get motivated.  So many many ideas are spinning in my head, so I have been knitting!

I have quite a few balls of King Cole Splash yarn from when I used to work in a craft shop.  The yarn is lovely to work with and as you see I have taken some balls and separated the colours,

and knitted it up as fair isle.

The garden is coming on a treat

we've gone from this


The plan is to perhaps plant roses and other flowering shrubs.  There was a lot of brambles and once we got to near the fence lots of dead wood.  Its a lane which once ran along the bottom of the garden, it was once probably a bier trail we think because beyond the oak tree always in the back-ground of the amaryllis is the graveyard.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Amaryllis, chapter 2 - Week 8 yawn-yawn! Stick with it...........

Where has this year gone?  
We are now at 1st March
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus - Happy St David's Day

The sun is shining over my house this morning, I hope others have some sun too, but according to the weather  for my area when I Googled its going to rain by lunchtime.

I was given a copy of this book by Mum I, in error gave my copy away in my book clear-out last year when they all went on freecycle.  I think, perhaps I wasn't sure if I wanted it anymore or not, then I regretted doing that and wished I hadn't!  Do other people do that too...........? Throw/give things away and wish they hadn't?

I also had another gift sent to me by Ann lovely little heart.  I shall hang it in my kitchen where I can see it.  

Being St David's day today, I have decided that any daffodils I sell during the month of March I will make a £3 donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

(Click to enlarge)
Looking back to February - did anyone have thunder, we did we  live.  I wonder what "In February, if thou hearest thunder, thou shalt see a summer wonder"  do you think we will get a hot summer?

Back to the title of the post.  I suspect you are all getting fed-up with this, go on admit it.  This new stalk has had to be tied up, it started bending in the middle, and I think the smaller one will have to be tied too, I didn't have to tie the first stalk.  I have come to the conclusion though that, and has anyone else noticed?  There are no leaves.  No leaves to take over, no leaves to take the energy from the stalks and flowers.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Amaryllis - Week 7 - not had one doing that before..........

Sorry a day late!  Nothing odd in this photo you may think.  I had my suspicions for a few days, but hadn't mentioned it before.  Go to last post and click on the top picture and take a closer look can you see it?  I'll come back to the Amaryllis later.............  I like surprises don't you?

We had a mini-break with my dad at the end of last week.  We went to Tavistock on the wettest day of the week.  I couldn't resist photographing the beautiful weather-vane.

When we came back we restarted work in the garden on Saturday morning.  It was a lovely day on Saturday, even got washing dried on the line.  

We cleared the last bit

Most of it went into one bag.  We dodge the rain on Sunday to just clear up the last of dried twigs and brambles, now rain has stopped play again!

The first of the Primroses in bloom

and...............Sir Henry Robin keeping and eye on us.  He oftens sings while we work.

Back to the Amaryllis........... Can you see it...............?

YES!  We have a third flower!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Amaryllis - Week 6

The Amaryllis is fading, but we have a second one growing fast behind.

Rain has stopped play in the garden for a while.  Once this bit has been cleared that will be stage one for this area.  The growth has been cut at the bottom so there is nothing holding it up so you would think it would just drop or blow off in a gust of wind, no..... it is clinging onto the fence with dear life, so we are having to get the loppers to cut it away.   It cannot bee seen but we have a shed out of shot of the right hand side.  This had been a dumping ground for many years and now we will have to clear it, we made the mess so.......,  some of it will stay, for a little wild life place, it cannot be seen.  

Something for Valentines Day

We have often seen two pigeons feeding together.
(sorry its not clear, took the photo through the window as I didn't want them to fly off)