Thursday, 28 August 2014

Our mini break in Hove IV

Amberley and Friends
(Bit photo heavy this post - sorry)

Last Thursday morning we decided to go to Amberley Museum.  We went about thirty odd years ago when it was the Chalk Pits Museum, then they had just opened a radio museum.  We were quite early and when we entered we were one of the first visitors of the day.

Lime Kilns

Vintage Wireless Exhibition
has grown somewhat in thirty years!

Telephone Exhibition

Fire Station

Bus Exhibition

Garage and AA box

Shop and printworks

I shall never watch the James Bond film "A View to a Kill" in the same light again!

click on picture to be able to read

some of the film was filmed at Amberley

This was growing wild all around the museum.  I am not sure of the proper name, but is this what we as children called 'old man's beard'?

The whole place has changed including name in thirty odd years

In the afternoon we went to Billingshurst, visiting our friends Philip and Elizabeth (no not that Philip and Elizabeth)!  We have known them since we lived in Essex, oh dear how time flies, that would have been about forty years ago.  

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Our mini break in Hove III

Family reunion

Last Wednesday was a special day, the day we went to meet members of the family Alex hadn't seen since he was a tiny tot!  

We had another good nights sleeps and had a light breakfast.  Gathered together some paperwork concerning the family tree and some photos of our grandchildren - well you do don't you, take photos...........  We got in the car, checked the map and off we went.  We managed to miss the turn for Portslade and ended up travelling towards Brighton where we didn't want to be.  

Brighton Pier (taken from car - I wasn't driving!)
We went round the roundabout and back the way we came!

Grand Pier (taken from car)
As usual we were early so we went back to Tesco's carpark, bought a paper and a drink, I had cake in the car so we sat for a while then as time got closer we drove to Alex' cousin's house, where she gave us a parking permit for the day.  

We had arrived just before the rest of the family, who descended not long after us.  We were there to meet Alex' Great Uncle Charlie.*  The only member of the family with an honour.  And we think the only person ever to have an honour for fishmongering!  

We had lunch in the garden,but we could feel the weather getting chilly and damp but we managed to eat lunch as planned.  The then plan was to walk to the beach-hut.  We did..........

But this big black cloud followed us.  It rained, the wind blew, but we were determined to go!

We sat in the beach-hut admiring the view

one member of the family even took a dip!  He said the water was quite warm!

We even took Uncle Charlie's birthday cake, but we didn't stop for a cuppa as planned.  We went back to the house and had that.  

A flock of seagulls all of a sudden took off squawking!

Someone even has one as a pet!

The younger members of family decided they wanted to visit Brighton Pier so they walked there while we walked back to Viv's house

When we were altogether again 

Uncle Charlie cut his cake.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our mini break in Hove II

Arundal and Jan

After a good nights sleep and a good breakfast we decided that we would go to Arundal for the morning.  We ventured into the antique shops only, we were too early to do the Art Trail, and we were only going to be in Arundal only for the morning.  We found somewhere for lunch of Bacon, Brie and Cranberry sandwiches, the best we have ever had!

After lunch we drove to Hove, we were meeting a lady who I have emailed and spoken to on the phone for many many years but have never actually met.  I used to cross-stitch for her, (I crossed-stitched many pieces, but this one was my favourite).    We were due to meet her at 2.30 but we arrived early, and because we didn't know the area, we found Tesco and we had two hours free parking, enough time for afternoon tea and a natter, so I rang her to see if it was convenient for her to meet half an hour earlier than planned which was OK.  Where we had planned to meet was full and people didn't look like they were going to move, so we went somewhere else instead.  The lady in question wrote these books. This is the lovely lady, we didn't actually take photos of each other.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Our mini break in Hove I

The Journey and Littlehampton

About three weeks ago we were invited to Hove, East Sussex for a small family reunion.  For this we needed to find accommodation.  So we looked on the internet, we started doing this about 8.30am thinking this won't take long........... hhhhmmmm............!  We were just going round in circles!  By lunchtime, we had had enough!  We eat some lunch, watched the lunchtime news, then I had a brainwave!  I googled the Brighton and Hove telephone directory for B&B's.  There wasn't many, so I was going to google each one in turn, but starting at the top of the list we found

A beautiful private home, lovely owners, and very welcoming.  Situated about thirty minutes from where we wanted to be in a little village called Angmering.

We left home 9am Monday morning last week on the dot, and after stopping for lunch, we arrived in Angmering about 2.30pm to a very warm welcome and a much needed cuppa and rest in a beautiful garden of our accommodation. 

The journey itself wasn't too bad, very little motorway driving.  We went through the City of Salisbury going....  When we passed Arundal there was a roundabout dedicated to WW1  I tried to take a photograph because it was exactly what my maternal Great Grandfather George Greaves did in WW1.  He was a horse driver.

(click on my photo and you will see the statue bit clearer)

Above picture sourced from interenet
After a rest and the much needed cuppa we drove to Littlehampton.  Not knowing the place at all we found a carpark behind Sainsbury and walked in the town, we walked through an arcade of little shops and a greengrocers which sold huge peaches so we stopped to buy one to share.  The peaches were as I remembered as a child, they were as big as my hand and very sweet.  We asked the assistant how to get to the seafront, she pointed down a very long, long road which we walked and found ourselves in a funfair.  We found a boating lake and watched the owner put his boats in the centre.  There was some netting and building work being done but we walked past the workings and found ourselves by the boats and actually nearer to the town.


Monday, 11 August 2014

Birthday and Balloons

What was nana thinking giving me clothes........?

It was our grand-daughter's fifth birthday yesterday, but other arrangements for both her and us had been made so went the week before.  
She carefully unpacked al her goodies from the Peppa Pig bag carefully avoiding two dresses which were put on the top of the goodies.


This weekend Alex and I went to stay with our eldest son and daughter-in-law in Bristol.
I have always wanted to see the balloons, not necessarily go to see the take off but just to see them fly, but because they are weather dependent it is actually fifty-fifty whether you get to see them.  But Saturday morning we saw them in the distant, so hurriedly dressing and getting the car at 6.30 am Michael drove us to a vantage point to see the balloons ascending over Bristol, we thought we may go back to see them in the evening but the weather had other ideas!