Wednesday 28 April 2010

Thank you Kazzy

I would like to thank Kazzy today!
for another brown paper package with pretty label
which my husband Alex collected from the Post Office
lunchtime because Mr Postie could not leave it on the doorstep.
I had to wait till this evening to actually get it and open it.

Inside more goodies wrapped in pretty pink tissue
I feel really lucky just lately

There was also two of Kazzy's beautiful pictures

Aren't they lovely
Thank you Kazzy

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Thank you Sophie!

I would like to thank Sophie

for this brown paper package with pretty label
which arrived earlier this afternoon

Inside lots of parcels wrapped in pretty pink tissue.

All my lovely goodies
Thank you Sophie

Sunday 25 April 2010

No Baking, Tidying, Ironing or Gardening

It is 9pm now I started this at nine this morning after breakfast! All I had to do was sew on the label which read quilt made for Lauren by me (well words to that effect) and cut and make the bias and sew it onto the edge and hand sew around but it took me twelve hours to do all that! I know I had elevenses, lunch and afternoon cuppa and evening meal and my friend Diana came for about an hour for help with her tapestry but it seemed to take forever! I am meeting my friend Denise tomorrow for lunch that is why I wanted to finish it. Here is the one I made for Lauren's sister Hannah. I didn't quilt 299 squares this time, I quilted oblongs of three or five squares.

Sunday 18 April 2010

Another Sunday.............

Another Sunday spent pottering about. Doing lots of things yet doing nothing. I've ironed tidied-up emptied the dishwasher the usual.......................

Thought you all might like to see this. I gave a few of these as pressies for Christmas, one of which went to Jan but I forgot to plant mine till the end of January, then it seemed to take and age to grow! I kept putting vases of flowers in front of it, it just didn't seem to move for ages, till I put it on the kitchen windowsill where it gets the afternoon sun. The ones I gave as pressies have flowered, mine was still in the doldrums now LOOK! I have two stalks!

This morning I thought it would be nice to make Mincemeat and Apple Pie, it was nice despite of having a soggy bottom, the pie not me, it was very sweet too even though I didn't put any sugar in.
I washed some pots to grow some lettuces which I will show you if and when they grow - Slugs and Snails BEWARE!

Saturday 17 April 2010

I got to point........... rifle at Dr Who!

Do you remember this and this?


Robert was in Dr Who tonight!

Thursday 15 April 2010

Happy Birthday to me.............pt2

............or It's my party and I can cry if I want to! ..............or the Day can only get Better!
Where shall I start - A new cafe opened in Taunton - it was suggested that we had lunch there, well we missed it! So we didn't go! I was pretty miffed! We ended up having a cream tea at the garden centre. Just sent a text to the boys pointing out the error of their ways as I haven't a card or heard from them YET! BOYS! I know I saw them on Easter Day but that is no excuse!

Now my apology I should have done this Saturday but you need to go here to see why it didn't get done so I humbly apologise t0 Jayne (go here and join her mailing list) for forgetting to put this on my post. Thank you Jayne for my prize. The cup is really beautiful, and the smell of the candle is divine. Please forgive me.

Happy Birthday to me.............

It's my birthday today, I was born forty-four years after the Titanic sank!
Any other bloggers out there who share their birthday's with a famous event or a famous person?

Some of my cards that arrived this week but I can honestly say I did not open them till this morning!

My friend Jane emailed me and asked if she could leave my pressie on the doorstep, but as we were meeting tomorrow I said I wouldn't mind it then and I could open it in her presence but she said she preferred it if she could leave on the doorstep early when she went to give her horse Shilo his breakfast!

When I opened the door I found this!
He is absolutely wonderful and very heavy
He is going to have a new home in the back garden where I think he will be happier - but.....after I had my Weetabix - he is that heavy!

Tuesday 13 April 2010

OK what 'appened!

My weekend went exceedingly quick for some unknown reason! It's Tuesday already! I worked on Saturday morning till twelve, then went to good ol' Tescos for the weekly shop, by the time we returned and had something to eat the afternoon had gone! I did manage to cut out and prepare some more Luggage Labels, I then crocheted some more of my blanket, nearly there, nearly finish!

Sunday I made a Jam Tart well to be precise an Epiphany Tart. Victorian housewives used to make these for Church suppers using many different jams. In the end it became a competition to see who could make the most ornate one.

We bought our annual three bags of potting compost.

I'm glad to say I have Daisies in my lawn. When the grass was first laid all I got the following spring was a lawn of Celandine not one Daisy could be seen! Spring has certainly sprung all of a sudden hasn't it!

Grape Hyacinth that grows in the cracks on the steps outside the front door

The Bluebells are in bud

The Wild Garlic (well actually it is Welsh Leek but smells like Garlic) that grows wild in the garden - very annoying, but I have learnt it does keep mice away - so perhaps it can stay........

Pink Primroses

Primroses ordinaire



These new Luggage Labels can be found here
I have set up a Pay Pal account just send me an email if you wish to purchase anything and I will send you a form.

Thursday 8 April 2010

While at work this morning

A lady came into the shop (and this happens quite often) and asked for bright ribbon to put on her suitcase so she can spot hers on the carousel at the airport. This got me thinking! A Luggage Label - one that can be spotted, one that you know belongs to You! I came up with this................

You can find it here, and there will be many more soon!

Monday 5 April 2010

Easter Weekend 2010!

Hello everyone out there in Blogland!

Hope you all had a good Easter. We did! Friday we went to Granddad's. (We call him Granddad he is actually my dad)* He cooked us lunch of Shepherds Pie plus Apple Pie for pudding. Saturday we did the usual, shopping, tidying etc. not much other than that.

Sunday I got up early and baked cakes

and Sausage Rolls.

Because we had a "birthday party"! The family and partners of the boys birthdays and mine fall quite close together between November and April with Alex and Caitlin bringing up the rear in June and August. It was a great day because all the boys were here together so.........

...........we took advantage of a photo opportunity!
From left to right
Steph, Peter, Caitlin, Michael, Lizzy, Robert and Anneka.

Today I made three more Scissor Keepers. These can be found here

(* Granddad is called Granddad by me as not to confuse the boys when they were younger. Mum was referred to as Nanny too. It all started when I was born and brought up in my grandparents home where mum and dad lived for awhile till they had their own home)