Tuesday, 13 April 2010

OK what 'appened!

My weekend went exceedingly quick for some unknown reason! It's Tuesday already! I worked on Saturday morning till twelve, then went to good ol' Tescos for the weekly shop, by the time we returned and had something to eat the afternoon had gone! I did manage to cut out and prepare some more Luggage Labels, I then crocheted some more of my blanket, nearly there, nearly finish!

Sunday I made a Jam Tart well to be precise an Epiphany Tart. Victorian housewives used to make these for Church suppers using many different jams. In the end it became a competition to see who could make the most ornate one.

We bought our annual three bags of potting compost.

I'm glad to say I have Daisies in my lawn. When the grass was first laid all I got the following spring was a lawn of Celandine not one Daisy could be seen! Spring has certainly sprung all of a sudden hasn't it!

Grape Hyacinth that grows in the cracks on the steps outside the front door

The Bluebells are in bud

The Wild Garlic (well actually it is Welsh Leek but smells like Garlic) that grows wild in the garden - very annoying, but I have learnt it does keep mice away - so perhaps it can stay........

Pink Primroses

Primroses ordinaire



These new Luggage Labels can be found here
I have set up a Pay Pal account just send me an email if you wish to purchase anything and I will send you a form.


  1. it's lovely to see that Spring have finally reached you!
    I've just had lunch..but your delicious cake makes me very hungry! ;-)

  2. I think we appreciate spring flowers more than any others in this country!

    You could cook with some of that wild garlic as well - hugh fearnley whittingstall style!

    (mind you, he would cook the mice as well...)


  3. i see more yummy-ness ;0)xxx ooooohhhh i love your flower piccys how beautiful lovely when the suns out ;0)xxxx best place to be the garden i keep doing alfresco dinning even in my very ickle yard ;0)xxxx enjoy your week x

  4. Great to see the images of spring... at long last! Thanks for the good wishes.
    Love Yvonne xx


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