Monday 5 April 2010

Easter Weekend 2010!

Hello everyone out there in Blogland!

Hope you all had a good Easter. We did! Friday we went to Granddad's. (We call him Granddad he is actually my dad)* He cooked us lunch of Shepherds Pie plus Apple Pie for pudding. Saturday we did the usual, shopping, tidying etc. not much other than that.

Sunday I got up early and baked cakes

and Sausage Rolls.

Because we had a "birthday party"! The family and partners of the boys birthdays and mine fall quite close together between November and April with Alex and Caitlin bringing up the rear in June and August. It was a great day because all the boys were here together so.........

...........we took advantage of a photo opportunity!
From left to right
Steph, Peter, Caitlin, Michael, Lizzy, Robert and Anneka.

Today I made three more Scissor Keepers. These can be found here

(* Granddad is called Granddad by me as not to confuse the boys when they were younger. Mum was referred to as Nanny too. It all started when I was born and brought up in my grandparents home where mum and dad lived for awhile till they had their own home)


  1. it's nice to meet your family! What a great buffet you arranged!

  2. I too had a lovely birthday lunch with my family over easter its great to have them altogether isnt it.

  3. Those cakes and sausage rolls look good! x

  4. Looks like you had a super weekend!


  5. What a lovely post! suzie xxx

  6. Lovely family images!!! Your comment on Sals Snippets made me smile. I went to school with Sal. Then we taught together and then I read about you visiting Okehampton. My My Mum was born very near there and my Grandma used to take her eggs to market to sell in Okehampton-- Happy Memories
    Kindest Regards Linda


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