Saturday 30 June 2012

Sally's New Adventure


Please come in and take a look you are most welcome........

Friday 29 June 2012

Sally's New Adventure!

Sally of Sally's Vintage Chic is opening her new shop today
guess who her assistant is..........?
as they say one door closes another door opens!

Summer Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 10am to 4.30pm
I shall be in the shop every Tuesday!

Sunday 24 June 2012

It Was A Lovely Day!

The sun shone, it did not rain!  People came.  
People still came at 4pm when we were packing away!
Just when there was a lull in the proceeding we thought no one else will be coming, in walked another crowd!  About three o'clock I thought I would go and offer the last of the cake to the sellers when more people came in.  All in all the whole day was a great success!
I would like to also say a HUGE thank you to Jill who served teas for us all day!

Setting up first thing
Barbara & Michael
Me & my stall!
Apologies to Sally I forgot to take a photograph of her stall
my stall with Alex (pulling a silly face) and Sally's
10 O'Clock!

Thursday 21 June 2012

It's Nearly Here.........

The Vintage & Retro Fayre.............Just two more sleeps, 
and we will open the doors at 10am sharp on Saturday morning!

This lovely 1950's complete Cruet Set

This Bakelite Cruet Set 
also complete

Porcelain and Diamante Brooches
I knew my embroidery ring on a stand would come in useful one day!

Vintage Books and Magazine and Cigarette Cards

Embroidered tablecloths and Tray Cloths
afraid the laundry rail is not for sale

Handmade Brooches using the original patterns

Other handmade goodies

But thinking I did not have enough stuff, I said to Alex, I need some bulk! (larger items).  But now I am beginning to think this little exercise is turning into a BVWS do!  I mustn't complain and let him have a few bits on the stall, I asked him help me and to boot it is his 65th Birthday on Saturday too!  What better way to spend it!
RIGHT.......... we have.........

Two late 1960's transistors-Grundig Party Boy and Ferguson Caravelle (but not
the record player they are sitting on which awaiting restoration!))

Bush.TR82D - original Mid 1960's - (not the current reproduction)
oh and the tray it is sitting on!

This one will be for sale but we will be playing music through it too!
So if you would like to come and hear it...........

This Bush is a VHF80 from 1960 one of the last valve radios to be made

...........and some 1960's Radio Times Covers with prints by Robert Gillmor

There are lots of other things on  my stall too, that was just a taster!
And if you go to Sally's blog you will see the sort of things she does

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Who said men don't have their uses!

It will soon be here!  
We hope the weather doesn't take a turn for the worse!

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Vintage & Retro Fayre Banner

We thought we would make our own banner!
Only TEN DAYS to go!

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Since the Friday Eighth June

...................Well apart from letting the air get blue edging on purple because the post which this is a repeat of, more or less of, (now a copy of because I copied and saved it!)  I spent an hour typing and sorting photographs and adding links at 8.30am Friday morning when I published all I got was the title and the comment box!  I did this three times in all!  I gave up in the end feeling extremely frustrated, three hours wasted trying to blog! I gave up in the end went and watched a DVD and did some knitting watched the DVD but got frustrated with the knitting undoing more rows than knitting them! Why change things that work?

Now I would like to thank my wonderful husband who sorted me out!  You won't believe how grateful I am

Anyway  "What Have I Done This Week.............

On Friday the first my friend Jackie had a day in Minehead after she milked the cows on her farm.  We had lunch and then we went to my local nursery where she bought some herbs for her herb patch.  Saturday we didn't venture far.  After doing the mundane things like washing and ironing, we cut the back lawn.  In the afternoon we went to a boot fair.  We hadn't been to this particular boot fair for while but quite honestly there wasn't much there for me!

Sunday I sat and watch the River Pageant and did some more knitting.

On Monday I made a Fruit cake and Victoria Sponge and some Scones.  Our good friends David and Jane came for the afternoon which was lovely.  Peter rang during the afternoon asking us to pop over to reconnect his cooker, and to help hang some curtain poles.  Any excuse to see Caitlin and Liam!  

Stonehenge in the rain taken from inside the car
(taken by the passenger not the driver)

Our journey to Salisbury was wet!  It rained all the way there, the whole time we were there and all the way home!  Glad we weren't going towards London at five O'Clock the queue was right back from Stonehenge on the A303 to the motorway at Taunton - I wonder what time those people got home?

Wednesday I added to my collection of vintage magazines.  I received my recent purchases from Milly & Dottie Two more magazines.  My mum had a few of these which I loved reading from a very early age.  It was these magazines that gave me my enjoyment of needlework, knitting and crochet.  I have added a few more since this photo was taken

I started making the banner for our Vintage Fayre.  I will show everyone when Sally has seen it.

Can you see the pigeon in amongst the leaves?
When I took a few crumbs down to the bird feeder him and his Sparrow friends were all squawking at me, jumping around from branch to branch!  It wasn't me I didn't do it! 

My neighbour is chopping down the Lelandei Trees to plant Clematis.  My poor little Bay Tree is wondering what is happening after all these years of growing quietly beneath the canopy. I bought it for 10p. sell by date was up, in Tesco about fifteen or so years ago.  The greenery was the backdrop for our family photos!

Saturday and Sunday was spent sorting the stuff we have here for the fayre.   Its an excuse to get the conservatory-cum-shed sorted YET again but this time we have a date!  Normally we say put that to one side for a boot fair but either we don't feel like doing one - or weather is against us - or we are just not ready because the stuff that has been sorted is buried again!

Yesterday we went to Taunton for a few bits and pieces for the fayre.  So this is my catch-up since the first of June!

Monday 11 June 2012


This is a test message - I haven't been able to blog. 
I spent three hours last Friday trying to post a blog sorting photos and  links and when I published all I got was the title and the Comment Box!!

Friday 1 June 2012

23 DAYS to GO!! & Jubilee weekend!

Looking forward to meeting and saying
to anyone who can make it

Have you got anything planned or like us spending it quietly...........
 I would like to thank Pamela for my swap.  She was my partner in the Diamond Jubilee Swap organised by Helen over at Moonstruck Creations.  I had lots of goodies thank you Pamela.

I received two parcels

With lots of goodies!  I hope Pamela like hers.......!