Sunday 28 July 2013

Finished.......and Friday!

I have finished my embroidery - the pattern is on my Pinterest board.  I also have another very similar in one of  my vintage magazines which I will also do as a companion piece.

I then did this! Gasp - Shock - Horror  please don't be afraid........................  This time it was washed at 95 degrees!

so that is phase one - I will being doing phase two in the week and phase three when it stops raining and the sun is out again.............funny how you miss opportunities to do something........... perhaps I just wasn't meant to do the phase three job then........

Lytes Cary Manor courtyard

Friday we decided to go out for the day, we went to Lytes Cary

Detail of a stump work mirror.  The stitches are so small and delicate!

Detail of a quilt. .Click on photo and have a closer look, the hexagon shapes are actually one piece and not pieces joined together - an idea and patience needed, but I will have a go!

Teasels in flower, a delicate mauve/lavender colour.  I have only ever seen these flowers dried and on seats in some National Trust properties to stop people sitting on the chairs on show.
Then we went on to East Somerset Railway

The little blue engine took us for a thirty minute ride up the track and back again.  We got off at the engine sheds and walked back to the station.

This vintage phone box is at the station is very interesting, not just a phone box but sold stamps too!

This photo was taken in the car of Minehead in the distance at St Audries.  There was nowhere to stop to take photo.  I wasn't driving by-the-way!

Sunday 21 July 2013

We're having a heatwave......

new piece of embroidery which I started yesterday
..........but it is far too hot for me.  There was a wonderful breeze this morning whilst we walked round the bootfair, didn't purchase anything!  When we came home, quickly cut the front grass (only a small patch out the front) which took all-in-all about half an hour.  Then pottered about a bit and made lunch which can be found here, and life couldn't get better.............

  .......because the new Freeview channel 20 is currently showing the Joan Hickson's Miss Marple's twice a day on a Sunday!  Today it was the Sleeping Murder filmed all round Sidmouth Devon and in my husbands old place of work  I met Joan Hickson whilst she was filming this one!
the one and only Miss Marple!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

For Vintage Lovers!

This afternoon - hate to say this, weather is too hot for me.......but then I complain if I'm too cold!  
I thought I would sort an old leather suitcase that belonged to my grandparents full of old photographs, something you don't see these days of digital cameras.  Photographs, black and white or sepia, little snaps no bigger than three inches, and bits of paper - well in fact little bits of 'treasure' for vintage lovers!  Something that my sons would say do we really need all this rubbish?  My reply as always "This is part of your family history leave it alone!"  

Click on pictures to get a closer look

Petrol coupon circa 1941

There was still rationing until the coronation.  
The registration matches the car in the photograph!

Call the Midwife!
My mum was born at home - my mum always said she paid to come into the world!
Mum is being pushed in that pram.  I love the pram!

My grandfather was in the home-guard - or sometimes referred as Dad's Army because he was in a reserved occupation - he made the UC41 furniture at Harris Lebus Brothers

My grandparents identity cards.  
I wonder when they were checked what questions were asked because as you see there isn't any photographs to prove who they were.

My husband is as they are referred to as a baby boomer, he had an identity card to have till he was fifteen.  The top picture is his clothing coupon book about this for a piece of social history?  
The receipt for this ring. my grandmother's engagement ring.  She wore it till the day she died. 
My grandmother must have had really small fingers because it will only fit on my little finger!

If you wanted a receipt you had to pay Stamp Duty 2d about one new pence for a receipt and if you wanted a contract you would have had to pay 6d about two and half pence 

It is nice these pieces of paper have survived they could have been so easily thrown away years ago.

I have photo-shop some of the documents because the addresses actually still exist.

Monday 8 July 2013

My weekend away was cancelled!

We were meant to have been staying with my dad and then going to Tavistock and also to Buckfastleigh, but our weekend was cancelled!  And to top it all off I had to do a hot wash, and when I took the washing out of the washing machine I found my best cardigan, shrunken!  I don't know what upset me the most the weekend being cancelled or my cardigan shrinking.......  We'll hopefully wait another year to go.  Should have gone last year but it rained, so perhaps we aren't meant to go at all.  They say things happen for a what was the reason.........?  I made flowers instead they can be seen here.................

Wednesday 3 July 2013

This is my garden!

I just couldn't resist to photoshop these pictures.  
When I put bread on the bird-table for the garden birds, this pigeon sit in the middle and chucks it onto the ground and the Seagulls flock in.  
I had the camera ready today!

Now class............

Class dismissed..................