Thursday 27 August 2009

They don't do things like they use to..................

Whenever my friend Meg and her family go on holiday she leaves me with a key to go into her house and feed the Cats............, the Gerbils.................... and the African Land Snails........quite yuckky! The Snails that is!

Meg always brings me a thank you pressie, this pressie was a lovely surprise as I often look at this book whenever I see them on it book shelf, but the funny thing is Meg has never seen me look at this particular book so it was a lovely surprise. For a long time now I have been very interested in the Art Deco of the 30's, the straight lines the angular patterns, and the life during the war, in fact sometimes I read old wartime cookery books for inspiration and something healthy to eat that is slightly different!

No-one wears hats like this any more
Doing the laundry is a task in itself

These look fiddly to make but they look fun

I thought this way of exercising was really funny - does anyone do this?

I thought I would have go at The Further Adventures of the Thrifty Mrs Menu Challenge. I go to Tesco with a comprehensive shopping list. I have an item listed "Fruit & Veg"! Tescos often have a three for two off or a buy one get on free, these offers I tend to go for, I also try and buy my fruit and veg without wrapping and a sell by date, my theory with fruit and veg is if its gone mouldy then its gone off, and I try not to let it get that far! We are not vegetarians but we do eat a lot of fruit and veg. There is only two of us in the house now so sometimes I make something last two days.
My menu for this week is:-

Saturday - Ploughmans to eat up last weeks salad
Sunday - Salmon with potatoes and salad or peas - £3 Tescos
Monday - Sausages (Half Packet) Potatoes & Peas
Tuesday - Sausages (Half Packet) Stir Fry & Potatoes (Forgot to buy noodles) (Stir Fry, Sauce and Noodles/Potatoes were on offer - buy any three items for £2.50)
Wednesday - Egg and Chips Alex goes out this evening
Thursday - Ratatouille and Lamb chops and Potatoes
Friday - Ratatouille Chicken/Pork chops or whatever is at the Farmers Market
I probably won't go to Tescos now till about three weeks time, I'll buy locally for anything I need like lettuce etc. - I expect I will buy whatever the Farmers Market has to offer till then.

Thursday 20 August 2009

Tote Bag

Just recently have been making bags in 100% cotton
they are now for sale on my other blog

Sunday 16 August 2009

.......and the winner is........ME!

First of all I would like to thank Sal of

For these lovely gifts after winning her Giveaway

The winner of my Giveaway which Alex picked is MelMel of

Please could email your address

We went into Tescos this afternoon

after taking the grass-cutting to the recycling centre

I picked this bunch of flowers reduced from £5 to £1.25

Another of proud nanny's new favourite little person!

This week has been a really good week because Michela

sent me an award too

I have to give my five obsessions which are
1) - Spending too much time on the computer
2) - Reading too many lovely Blogs
3) - Eating cake
4) Like Michela making sure I'm punctual!
and....until recently I did not have a fifth obsession but I have now
5) My new grand-daughter Caitlin
I pass this award to :-

Thursday 13 August 2009


I just thought I would remind all you lovely bloggers about the "Giveaway" I did last Friday 7th August entitled "Pondering........." - if you leave a comment on that particular post I will enter you all in the draw.
.......just before being brought home from the hospital.......

Monday 10 August 2009

So Gorgeous..............

Alex and Julie would like to
announce the arrival of our Grand-Daughter

Sunday 9 August 2009


I have always wanted a copy of this book and now I have one for the grand cost of 50 pence from the boot fair this morning. I am so pleased. I already have Mary Thomas's Embroidery Book.

Nearly every page has a sweet little cartoon.
I was in two minds whether to go to the boot fair this morning and I am glad I did now. But, I think I will give them a miss for a couple of weeks - if I can that is I sometimes get up on a Sunday morning and feel the pull......... and wait for our annual extra large boot fair on August Bank Holiday Monday at Carhampton, Minehead. So I hope this weather doesn't change to Wet between now and then!

Friday 7 August 2009


I was at work this morning pondering........... Don't know why there was plenty to do and plenty of customers. I thought I would like to do a Giveaway. Do I wait till my 500th post, or the birth of my first grandchild, and then I thought No I cannot wait for either I'm going to do it now!

So just leave a comment and I will make the draw on Sunday 16th August

Thursday 6 August 2009

Lucy's Bag

I have just finished crocheting Lucy's bag. Lucy of Attic 24 ( I crocheted it in King Cole Craft Cotton, colour Marl. I made a bit of a boo-boo I mis-read the pattern so it is slightly larger, but never mind it's intention is to be a baby bag for all those little extra items nappies, bottles, toys etc. At the moment it is stuffed with little cardies for the new arrival.

Wednesday 5 August 2009



or otherwise known as

Sunday 2 August 2009

Boot Fair!

Although looking a bit grey we decided we would go to the Boot Fair. We shouldn't go really over the years going to Boot Fairs, Charity Shops, Jumble Sales this has been our downfall! We now have too much STUFF! Not all Vintage and not all Junk! We keep saying we must do a Boot Fair, but when the weather is right we are not ready or visa verse - one day............. However this morning was just right, and I bought yet more stuff!

Taken as we were leaving - we arrived at the allotted time,
but there were loads of cars in the car park to buy!
Sellers set up at 9am, buyers arrive at 9.30!

Two large Tray Cloths £1
Ladybird book 50 pence

Rosie & Jim £2.
When the boys were younger we used to
sit and watch this together.

Two large Tablecloths £4.
Not embroidered yet!
So something I will enjoy doing!