Friday 27 September 2013

Well that's September!

Does anyone know what happened to September?  I haven't been round blogland much.  I haven't really been making - in fact I really haven't done much.  I have sorted loads of old magazines some pre-dating the year 2000.  They were all cross-stitch magazines, I put about twenty bags of magazines and another load with hardback cross-stitching books on our local freecycle.  They were snapped up, I think because the people collecting them thought they were getting a bargain!  Well they were, but you cannot sell cross-stitch books at the local bootfair for even 20p here so I decided just to give them away!  They have gone and I feel better for it - it is amazing how I felt so much better for getting rid of things - it did actually feel like a weight had lifted - so more stuff is going to go!

Now I wonder................ no I best not if I want to stay happily married!  They are the collection of 78 rpm records, there is even two piles behind the Iceland carrier, In the Iceland carrier are the Christmas 78 rpm.  I cleared out the cupboard where I kept the magazines, guess where these have gone......!   Nothing stays empty for long in this house!

It was wet, dull and dismal yesterday, so yesterday afternoon I made Peggoty.  She is a dolly-peg (clothes spin)  Dressed in white, with a light green shawl.  She will be put in my shop soon, when I have finished a sister or two.

I made pie.

Apple and Blackberry.
We still have Blackberries at the bottom of the garden

I am still stitching

Still knitting

Mr Robin has been sitting on  the tree branch singing for a mate - nice to see him back in the garden.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Just a Very Random Blog Post

Since the last post we haven't done much

I have been knitting,

and embroidering and appliqueing.

We have been to Bristol to take some of Robert and Anneka's things back to them.  They left loads of stuff with us when they went travelling  They let their flat on an eighteen month let.  Although they have been back a year they only managed to move back in August this year so now they are collecting their belonging back slowly for various places.

This happened in the garden one afternoon
Pigeon on the seed tray, Crow, Seagull and Magpie!  Think I might send it to RSPB

My husband went shopping and came back with a small bunch of flowers.........

Well its the thought that counts!

My friend Meg gave the first of the season Bramleys

We picked the Blackberries from the bottom of the garden.  This is just a few I have two bags in the freezer.

We needed a new Address Book, found this one in a charity shop - now we could see why!

Click on the picture to make larger............. Can you spot the deliberate mistake?  Answer at the end of post!

Things don't change do they - this was an article dated May 1992.  I found this morning whilst having a chuck-out.  Click on picture to make larger.

Here is the text for the article.

Have you worked out the answer ....................
Where is the word NAME?