Tuesday 30 November 2010

Exmoor Craft Fair on Sunday

My stall at the Exmoor Craft Fair at Porlock on Sunday

Thursday 25 November 2010

I wanted something unusual..........

..................on which to display my brooches and smaller items at the craft fair at the weekend, so I made this!

I didn't take photographs of how to do it, but the instructions are quite simple! Find an old 78rpm record that you aren't likely to want to listen to, and find a smallish casserole dish. Upturn the dish onto a baking sheet and place the record centrally onto the base of the dish and place into the oven after you have turned the oven off and have finished cooking and while the oven is still warm. I had the oven on 200 degrees centigrade and left the record for about five minutes then removed it. You can either leave to cool on the dish you moulded it on or place it on to another cold upturned casserole dish. Do not place it on a flat surface because it will go flat again! I then used my cake stand fittings to make the stand.


Friday 19 November 2010

Tuesday 16 November 2010


............I need virtual motivation, I think I just need a virtual kick up the botty...........I am doing a craft fair in less than two week, I need to finish a few things and start another couple of things.
I came in from work put the computer on to do my blog as I haven't done a post since 4th November, cooked myself some toast and sat down to eat it and didn't move from the chair for a while, Oh dear I thought I must do something at which point I got up picked up the camera and took a walk round the garden, perhaps this is the start of my motivation - I hope!!

The little flowers on the Bush Fuchsia dancing in the winter sunshine.

the last of the red leaves on the Sumac Tree

and the "happy" Violas in the hanging basket.

On Sunday we visited this lovely little person who is now running round
she really put a smile on our faces, she is as bright as a button!

and now I must go and make something with this material and print off some notelets, cards and patterns off for the craft fair. The little walk round the garden did blow a few cobwebs away after this horrible flu I had.

Thursday 4 November 2010

Spuds & Flu Bugs!

Do you remember this.......................?
Well I planted it in a pot as I do all my vegetables that I grow.

got this!

and these......................

and found this Ladybird lurking in the garden too!

We both have the flu! Well we think it is flu, the symptoms are the same but we are not blowing noses and going through tons of kitchen and loo rolls, this is aching limbs, lethargy and a nasty cough! I have had it since Monday Alex is two days behind me. I know I managed to blog on Monday but that was after and hours sleep in the afternoon - not good on my part I don't sleep in the afternoons. All Monday morning at work I felt shivery my head was also spinning not sure why I thought my cold and cough were going as I was into week four. I hadn't eaten from Monday lunchtime to Wednesday evening, and Alex had been plying me with chocolate, I now have a little stash on a plate because I just didn't fancy CHOCOLATE! I haven't been to work since Monday and Monday and Tuesday evening I went to bed at 7pm and went straight to sleep. I also haven't done anything either. I have a craft fair at the end of the month and was hoping to get things made! Today was the first day I went into the garden.
In case any body was wondering I had the result of the mammogram - I haven't got to go back for three years!

Monday 1 November 2010

Those Radio Times!

I have just read Niki's post and saw the first picture which I love. Alex has been collecting these ever since I have know him over thirty years! We have all sorts. wooden ones, bakelite ones and Lots of spare bits!! So I thought if I can't beat him I'll join him. so I collect these, I only have a small collection because I started the collection about ten years ago.

1930's when embroidery was at it height
but the two at the bottom are 1950's

My favourite one from the collection is this one
because it has not been stitched

I still has it original price label one shilling and three farthing
equivalent of about ten and half pence
in new money, but I suspect still expensive at the time.
These leather ones came into being after television was brought into homes

These ones are from the 1960's to today.