Sunday 27 May 2012


..........Call it what you will! 
When I was at my senior school the needlework lessons were actualy dressmaking lessons.  When I first saw my very first timetable for the first year of my senior school (1967) I saw Needlework, I thought oooh great I love embroidering pretty stitches on cloth - OH how dissappointed I WAS!  Needlework lessons were dressmaking and if we were to turn up with embroidery bits and pieces which I did once you had lines...... I personally could could not understand it but there you go!  I was put off needlework for many years because of this which was a pity because up until then I enjoyed embroidery and fiddling around with the pretty threads, I also had access to "old fashioned" transfers which you cannot buy now only from collectors and ebay etc because of the lead content in the ink!  I don't think they did me any harm.........?

I learnt a few stitches from this little book which belonged to my mum

This is the oldest book in my collection. 
The books themselves are pocket sized and only have about half dozen pages.

Monday 21 May 2012

We saw the KISS!

The Olympic Torch came through Minehead, Somerset today and from where we were standing we were lucky enough to see the KISS!

I'm still here............honest!

................She says all puffed out of breath!  I have been making things for this.  I don't want to reveal to much of what I have been making just yet though.  I have also been doing a lot of sorting of my junk vintage bits and pieces.  But, Saturday we had a day out.  We took ourselves off to Lacock.  A while back we bought  a year ticket for the National Trust, many of the places we have longed to see are National Trust properties.  I have put a montage on this blog but there are other pictures here 

Monday 7 May 2012

Vintage Style Bag

Another lovely purchase from  Milly & Dottie
I was inspired to make this!

1941 inspired bag/satchell.  I have revamped the pattern and design.
The pattern can be found here and here

Thursday 3 May 2012

Vintage & Retro By The Sea...........................

Only a few weeks to go and there are only a couple of tables left, so please email as soon as possible if you want one!

(Click on  picture to enlarge)