Saturday 31 May 2014

I is for.............................


The snail climbing up the window pain.

The wasp nest in the bird box

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Saturday 24 May 2014

J is for ...................................


A week ago today, we got up at the crack of dawn to be on a coach to travel three and half hours to the city of dreaming spires, Oxford.  The journey itself wasn't too bad, but it was very hot that, one of the hottest days in fact.  

When we arrived at the journey's end the coach driver dropped up on the outskirts of the city.  There was nothing for it we purchased a map of the city.  

By the time we found our bearing and found our way in the centre and fought against the crowd who seemed to be going against us we found the city centre.

We passed Carfax Tower and saw the famous clock that strikes every quarter

We passed a very overgrown old graveyard.

We decided to find some lunch we hadn't eaten since 6.30, so we headed for on of the many museums of the city, ending up at the Ashmolean Museum.  The food was superb, I eat then thought I should of taken a photo for here, well I was hungry!  We ate in the cafe in the basement, the restaurant was on the top floor.  The food we had was reasonably priced and delicious.

After had eaten, we felt we could tackle the city.  We just looked on the ground floor of some of the fabulous museums, for some reason we missed the Natural History Museum.

We went into the grounds and shop of the Bodleian Library.
They are building a new library and the hoarding around the building site is this  I wished I had taken an actual photo as it was quite spectacular! 

And saw the outside of the Radcliffe Camera

We couldn't go into either as they were holding weddings

Five hours of touring Oxford and three and half hour journey home we were ready for our bed!

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Sunday 18 May 2014

K is for.........................


Gustav Klimt (1862-1819) an Austrian artist famous for this painting

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Friday 16 May 2014

Do we not have proof readers anymore.............?

As seen in local paper today!

I blocked out names so not to embarrass! 

Monday 12 May 2014

Why don't you go and switch off you computer and go and do something less boring instead *

Will the person(s) who keeps putting a comment on my post please STOP!  
You are wasting your time because the comments go to my email box so I delete them straight away.

Not only does this person(s) leave a comment but also boasts about it on his/her blog too.

Please can anyone let me know if the word verification is on I have ticked the box but I just need to make sure!  


* Who remembers this TV programme?

Friday 9 May 2014

L is for...........................


Of all the trees, my favourite is the good old English Oak but a very close second is the Laburnum.  Acid yellow flowers brings sunshine to the dullest day in spring.  The flowers on the trees only last a very short while, but they are so bright.  I have been lucky to live in two houses with a Laburnum tree.  This house that we have lived in for twenty four years, and one when I was very little that my grandparents owned in Chingford London.  

A member of the pea family this tree is poisonous.  A few years back the tree didn't look well, but whatever it was the ladybirds (ladybugs) loved it.  Every time we walked passed the trees ladybirds just fell out to the ground and staggering along drunk!  And often when all around is quiet the tree hums to the tune of bees gathering the nectar.  

The Laburnum Fairy

Bees! Bees! come to the trees
Where the Lime has hung her treasures;
Come, come, hover and hum;
Come and enjoy your pleasures!
The feast is ready, the guests are hidden;
Like pearls shine the drops of sweetness there,
And the scent of the Lime-flowers fills the air,
But soon the blossoms pretty and pale
Will all be gone; and the leaf-like sail
Will bear the little round fruits away;
So bees! bees! come while you may!
                                                                  Cicely Mary Baker

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Wednesday 7 May 2014

Mother of the Groom Flowers

When our son got married nearly two weeks ago

I was given this beautiful display

One week on


Tuesday 6 May 2014


I subscribed to two wonderful e.magazines

one I have been subscribing to for quite a while which is written by my friend Helen

and the other is a very new magazine from

Take a look they are great!

Saturday 3 May 2014

M is for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


A week ago today our son Robert got married.  They married at Hestercombe Gardens in Taunton.  The weather was a bit chilly so not many photographs were taken outside.  

The day was quite busy for us.  We got up and breakfast and out by 8.15am to go and pick my dad up in Devon, then back to Taunton for lunch, and then walking round the gardens till about three watching the guests arrive.  
 A lovely time was had meeting new friends and catching up with old friends.

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Thursday 1 May 2014


What happens on MAYDAY where you live?

Here in Minehead we have the Sailors Horse