Friday, 9 May 2014

L is for...........................


Of all the trees, my favourite is the good old English Oak but a very close second is the Laburnum.  Acid yellow flowers brings sunshine to the dullest day in spring.  The flowers on the trees only last a very short while, but they are so bright.  I have been lucky to live in two houses with a Laburnum tree.  This house that we have lived in for twenty four years, and one when I was very little that my grandparents owned in Chingford London.  

A member of the pea family this tree is poisonous.  A few years back the tree didn't look well, but whatever it was the ladybirds (ladybugs) loved it.  Every time we walked passed the trees ladybirds just fell out to the ground and staggering along drunk!  And often when all around is quiet the tree hums to the tune of bees gathering the nectar.  

The Laburnum Fairy

Bees! Bees! come to the trees
Where the Lime has hung her treasures;
Come, come, hover and hum;
Come and enjoy your pleasures!
The feast is ready, the guests are hidden;
Like pearls shine the drops of sweetness there,
And the scent of the Lime-flowers fills the air,
But soon the blossoms pretty and pale
Will all be gone; and the leaf-like sail
Will bear the little round fruits away;
So bees! bees! come while you may!
                                                                  Cicely Mary Baker

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  1. That is a lovely tree with its bright yellow flowers. I love the little poem about it too! x

  2. I also love these trees, our neighbours had one when I was little, I always looked forward to it flowering.


  3. When I was pregnant we planted a found laburnum seed in the garden. It subsequently grew into a beautiful laburnum tree which lasted for 30 years. Our tree was a home to many snails which crawled up the trunk. They are a wonderful sight with all the yellow flowers.
    Love from Mum

  4. Lovely blog, beautiful colour from the flowers. I don't make my own patterns for x stitch, I am lucky to find designs I like.

  5. A lovely tree, we have an old laburnum tree at our gate too and I always love to see the amazing yellow flowers! Love the little poem :) Wishing you a happy weekend, Julie.
    Helen xox

  6. Love these trees too Julie. Always noticed how many snails like to live up them, maybe it's the smooth trunk. Very pretty poem.

  7. A lovely poem and a lovely tree too.


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