Thursday 31 December 2009

It's next year tomorrow!

Well it’s nearly over……..It will be next year tomorrow! The decorations go away for another year tomorrow, something I always do on 1st January, start the new year afresh……….! This year has been quite something for us. The birth of our grand-daughter Caitlin Louise and watching our son Robert be an extra in the BBC television series Merlin.

I had lots of lovely gifts from friends
from Denise
(does not blog)
from Jane
(does not blog - but lets me use her photographs)

from Jan

from Ginny
(she does not blog)

from Heather
(she does not blog)
from Janice

I would like to say a big thank you to Gillian for my PIF gift, I haven’t forgotten the ones I have to send Christmas got in the way a bit. It sort of crept up on me all of a sudden! I thought I would leave it till January in case they got lost in the Christmas post, one has to go farther away.
Robert in episode 8
where the horrible Troll tried to takeover
(he is on the far right)

In the last episode (episode 13)
Just before slaying the dragon
These last few days have been expensive too
Element went in the cooker a few months ago.
Since about 2000, the element goes about every eighteen
months, it trips the circuit breaker, but because a surge of
electricity goes through the breaker this time it did more than the
normal damage, this time it took out the DVD recorder too!
Husband NOT at all PLEASED!
So a new new cooker was delivered on Tuesday!
Then I discovered the element went in the tumble dryer.
New tumble dryer being delivered next Thursday.
I decided I could not live without a tumble dryer....................
I think it is because I have been spoilt with this luxury
for the last thirty odd years.
I started to crochet Caitlin a car blanket with
King Cole - Splash yarn
for 2010 to everyone
only another to 358 days to go.............

Thursday 24 December 2009


and a very
for 2010

Sunday 20 December 2009

Seventeen Weeks and Two Days!

And Father Christmas came early for this little girl!
Father Christmas
bought a Teddy Bear, and some Ducks to float
the bath, and some pretty dresses
And as you see we needed to change..................

Thursday 17 December 2009

Mass Production Christmas Cards!!!!!

I definitely do not call myself an artist!
I have to admit I do give things a go but some things
I do give up on, and I personally think this is going
to have to be one of those things!
Once again out came mums paint box

First of all I roughly drew my picture.
As you see I am not much of a drawer either

Cleaned the picture using the tools on the computer
then put it into a card making programme

Because the printer has taken on a 'life of its own'
and has been doing its own thing for awhile
I printed eight pictures on a page I gave the paper
(Bristol Board - watercolour paper won't go through the printer!)
a light wash in a light green. Put it to one side to dry.
Leave each stage to dry before proceeding to the next

I then filled in the colours - rather like in a painting book
Every sheet was slightly different.
There were eight sheets in all

I then embellished the pictures again each page slightly different

Cut all the cards with a backing card slightly larger.
Layer together using glue or double sided sticky tape
add an insert and send to friends and relatives

I send this card to all my bloggy friends
and a very

Saturday 12 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everybody

We thought it was about time to bring out the decorations!
Well next Saturday Peter, Steph and Caitlin are coming to lunch.
Christmas lunch to be prepared and cooked, hope I don't do as I did
for poor Robert, cook the Sausage Rolls in the WRONG pastry!
Lets just say they weren't very nice
and the birds (Seagulls) had a good feed!

Father Christmas says Hello......

Alex's vintage record cover was unfolded

.........and the Santa convention started, well the world
is quite large and all
his helpers need their instructions and lists
as to who has been naughty or nice!
The big man as inlisted the help of
Mrs Father Christmas, a Choir Boy and Noddy and Big Ears
and a Teddybear

The Pudding Teapot is ready for the afternoon tea

Felicity is feeling happier and she now has two guardian angels

The tree is adorned wit mum's vintage baubles - wish they were on

mum's tree where they belong and not mine - but heyho....

Another convention of cuddlys
at cosy corner

Sorry Mum - it wasn't me it was like that
when we bought them down from the loft.
It was.............. honest....... :o(

Friday 11 December 2009

Arsenic and Old Lace

Well not so much the arsenic! At work this morning a couple came to the shop to buy some picture hooks, and asked my boss if he knew anybody who would like this...... My boss asked me if I would like it, and I unwrapped the package on the counter.

Not sure what I would find inside,
but it was old lace
Old patterns
Hair Pin crochet hooks
(to think my dad made me one of these
because I wasn't able to find one to purchase in the 70's)

Half petticoat
Can anyone help me with the date?
I say about the thirties
Lace Shawl
Machine made lace
Bobbin Lace
Net Lace
Filet Lace Tea Cosy cover
Guipure Lace
Hair Pin Lace
Hair Pin Lace
Knitted Lace
Hair Pin Lace with the cloth centre
Hair Pin Lace with cloth centre
Irish Lace