Thursday 17 December 2009

Mass Production Christmas Cards!!!!!

I definitely do not call myself an artist!
I have to admit I do give things a go but some things
I do give up on, and I personally think this is going
to have to be one of those things!
Once again out came mums paint box

First of all I roughly drew my picture.
As you see I am not much of a drawer either

Cleaned the picture using the tools on the computer
then put it into a card making programme

Because the printer has taken on a 'life of its own'
and has been doing its own thing for awhile
I printed eight pictures on a page I gave the paper
(Bristol Board - watercolour paper won't go through the printer!)
a light wash in a light green. Put it to one side to dry.
Leave each stage to dry before proceeding to the next

I then filled in the colours - rather like in a painting book
Every sheet was slightly different.
There were eight sheets in all

I then embellished the pictures again each page slightly different

Cut all the cards with a backing card slightly larger.
Layer together using glue or double sided sticky tape
add an insert and send to friends and relatives

I send this card to all my bloggy friends
and a very


  1. julie they are lovely, you are so clever! fliss xx

  2. ..I've got the real one!!! How lucky I am!!! xxx

  3. I think they look lovely!xxx

  4. Very innovative Julie! Thank you for the 'virtual' card! x

  5. Very nice! You have done a jolly good job with those! cheerful and lovely! merry christmas! suzie. xxx

  6. What a good idea to print them on the computer and printer. Still a lot of work though, they really are lovely. Merry Christmas to you too.


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