Sunday 6 December 2009

No wonder nothing gets done!

No pictures either, but I just thought I had to blog as I haven't for a rather long time! This week has been one of them sort of weeks where nothing gets done and I do have to say it is all my fault!
Last Sunday Robert came for lunch with Anneka, I did the first of my Christmas lunches but to be fair the Thursday before hand was Robert's 27th Birthday so it was more of a birthday lunch than Christmas. While they were here we went to Porlock to a craft-fair which Annabelle had organised. Monday I came home from work about 12.30 as usual and did the ironing, something I would normally spend Sunday doing. Tuesday I had a Christmas lunch out with Janice, then went home with her to look at her photographs from New Zealand and for her to show how she did her scrapbooks featuring her grandchildren. Wednesday I had a Christmas lunch with Denise, and Thursday I had just a cuppa with an elderly lady I know. Meeting friends this week has been like the proverbial No.9 bus! They all came along at once! Don't get me wrong I quite enjoy lunching! Friday afternoon I spent four hours creating my Christmas cards (which I will blog about soon). By which I mean cutting the paintings, cutting other papers and sticking to the cards, addressing them and signing inside the the card mind you if I could get away with signing it from the computer I probably would as I make fifty! Yesterday morning I bought the stamps, stuck themon the cards and posted them so at least that job is done.
Today my husband dropped me off at my friend Jackie's. A friend I have been corresponding with for many many years, then about five years ago we actually met up with at one of the needlework shows at Exeter. He dropped me off about 9.30 this morning, I was told that I would be having lunch with them, something which I didn't expect but something which was rather nice, I also met a lovely couple who were there neighbours until they were too elderly to farm anymore. We had roast, the meat was Venison, absolutely delicious. I spent about four hours there while Alex went to Wooton Bassett with a couple of his friends to one of their Vintage Radio fairs that they go to. He picked me up just after we had finished eating so that was well timed!


  1. What an exhausting week you had! Hope you will be able to relax a little bit!

  2. you've been really busy! it sounds fun though, friends, crafts and christmas lunches!

  3. You have been busy! I love venison it is such a lovely meat. Thanks for your good wishes for my arm! suzie. xxx


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