Thursday, 31 December 2009

It's next year tomorrow!

Well it’s nearly over……..It will be next year tomorrow! The decorations go away for another year tomorrow, something I always do on 1st January, start the new year afresh……….! This year has been quite something for us. The birth of our grand-daughter Caitlin Louise and watching our son Robert be an extra in the BBC television series Merlin.

I had lots of lovely gifts from friends
from Denise
(does not blog)
from Jane
(does not blog - but lets me use her photographs)

from Jan

from Ginny
(she does not blog)

from Heather
(she does not blog)
from Janice

I would like to say a big thank you to Gillian for my PIF gift, I haven’t forgotten the ones I have to send Christmas got in the way a bit. It sort of crept up on me all of a sudden! I thought I would leave it till January in case they got lost in the Christmas post, one has to go farther away.
Robert in episode 8
where the horrible Troll tried to takeover
(he is on the far right)

In the last episode (episode 13)
Just before slaying the dragon
These last few days have been expensive too
Element went in the cooker a few months ago.
Since about 2000, the element goes about every eighteen
months, it trips the circuit breaker, but because a surge of
electricity goes through the breaker this time it did more than the
normal damage, this time it took out the DVD recorder too!
Husband NOT at all PLEASED!
So a new new cooker was delivered on Tuesday!
Then I discovered the element went in the tumble dryer.
New tumble dryer being delivered next Thursday.
I decided I could not live without a tumble dryer....................
I think it is because I have been spoilt with this luxury
for the last thirty odd years.
I started to crochet Caitlin a car blanket with
King Cole - Splash yarn
for 2010 to everyone
only another to 358 days to go.............


  1. Happy New Year! I haven't forgotten your PIF either and hope to send them out sometime in January! x

  2. Happy New Year Julie! All the best to you and your family!!!

  3. Happy New year! Looking forward to reading more in 2010.


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