Saturday 12 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everybody

We thought it was about time to bring out the decorations!
Well next Saturday Peter, Steph and Caitlin are coming to lunch.
Christmas lunch to be prepared and cooked, hope I don't do as I did
for poor Robert, cook the Sausage Rolls in the WRONG pastry!
Lets just say they weren't very nice
and the birds (Seagulls) had a good feed!

Father Christmas says Hello......

Alex's vintage record cover was unfolded

.........and the Santa convention started, well the world
is quite large and all
his helpers need their instructions and lists
as to who has been naughty or nice!
The big man as inlisted the help of
Mrs Father Christmas, a Choir Boy and Noddy and Big Ears
and a Teddybear

The Pudding Teapot is ready for the afternoon tea

Felicity is feeling happier and she now has two guardian angels

The tree is adorned wit mum's vintage baubles - wish they were on

mum's tree where they belong and not mine - but heyho....

Another convention of cuddlys
at cosy corner

Sorry Mum - it wasn't me it was like that
when we bought them down from the loft.
It was.............. honest....... :o(


  1. I love your decorations. fab! Suzie. xxx

  2. Gosh Julie! A convention of Santas, that's very funny! I'm pleased to report that I've just finished to decorate my tree..a long long story...
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

    p.s. I think I've got some blue bubblus like yours, they were my mum's

  3. Oh my! That is one Santa convention!!

  4. I love the santa convention and the pudding teapot too! x

  5. Hi Julie, sorry I haven’t been to visit for a while but the Bumble Bee’rs Christmas calendar has been a bit manic. I love your Santa collection; we are certainly kindred spirits there :)

    I used to have glass baubles, which I bought with Mr Bee on our first Christmas together, but alas several tree climbing cats and small children later we only have one little lonely one left which I will hide away until both cat and children leave the tree alone.



  6. You are all organised! I love the Christmas pudding teapot. I have a Christmas pudding tea cosy which I love!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  7. Hi Julie! Hope you're ok! I tried the Maltesers you gave me, they were delicious!
    I've sent a little something to you and Alan, hope it will reach you in time for Christmas!

  8. AH.. someone else who loves the kitschiness of Christmas. What a wonderful collection..
    Have a great Christmas & New Year..


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