Thursday 16 April 2015

Birthday and Spring Bouquet

It was my birthday yesterday.  Had lunch out with Alex, it was the only way he was going to get me to the new hardware shop that has just opened in town!  Boy I know how to live!  Out to lunch again today with my friend Janice and seeing "the fab beatles" on Friday, and Fish and Chips with David and Jane  on Saturday.  It was my our friend David's birthday last week.

Just the spring flowers in my garden

Sunday 12 April 2015

Bloggy holiday.

I thought I would take a a little bloggy holiday.  I haven't been idle though.  I have started making a quilt.  I have so much fabric I need to use it!    

I haven't quite finished my quilt, and I will show you when it is completed.  This blog post will make me finish it now.  I am also hoping to write out the instructions on how I made this quilt too

using just the equipment you see above.  As you see there isn't a special plastic template and there isn't a special cutting wheel, and now I can hear sharp in-takes of breath and seething through gritted teeth from all you hardened quilt-makers but when this particular quilt pattern first came into being 

sourced from internet
I'm sure the immigrant German lady's only used a pen ruler and scissors and their "special"  Dresden plate in the 1930's.  I will show you all in my next post.