Sunday 25 July 2010

Kitchen Garden........

.................Not quite!
Runner Beans
The reason the look very scraggly is
I pick the leaves as I want to use them and more grow!

in the hanging basket


Nearly 2lbs!


Reminder - don't forget the Giveaway

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Wet Wednesday! 500th POST! and a Giveaway!

Well I didn't think I would ever get to 500 posts!

It had its moments when I nearly gave up!

Today is a typical wet Wednesday! So what do you do?

You meet good friends and go for a cream tea!

We live five minutes from Selworthy and Periwinkle Tea Rooms.

As this is my 500th post I thought I would have a giveaway.

I'll keep it open until Caitlin's first birthday on 10th August,

so you have nearly three weeks to think of your favourite

sandwiches and cake you would like to have with your afternoon tea.

Friday 16 July 2010

Is it an............

A result of some Ghastly Experiment.................?'s a potato found at the back of the fridge
trying to take on a life of its own!
It was only meant to be there a couple of days
that was sometime ago.......................

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Saturday 10 July 2010

Knitting for Caitlin........

Days 15 to 17 Felicity's challenge
I knitted this jumper for Caitlin.
She'll be one soon, where has that year gone?

Following these instructions I knitted this jumper in one piece!
No seams to stitch just sewing on buttons and sewing the ends in.
Have to admit lots of unpicking to get it correct,
but I am chuffed with the result!

I will write a tutorial on how I made it another day.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Days 12 and 13

Felicity's challenge!
My Tomato plant has flowers!

My friend Diana asked me if I would make a dolly dress or two
for this doll for her grandchild. Dolly got two!

Sunday 4 July 2010

HOW and WHY............?

I haven't done much since Thursday so I am making this day 11 of Felicity's challenge!

Quick Creme Brulee
well sort of......................!
Put some fruit into two ramekins
pour on half pint Custard
and a couple of teaspoons of Demerara Sugar

place under a hot grill until sugar has melted
and put to get cold in the fridge

WHY...................... I asked Alex are you polishing your 78rpm records
answer....................because they play better...........
They don't use labels like this anymore

It must be this warm weather........................................

Thursday 1 July 2010

Bead Threading

Day 10 Felicity's Challenge.
I absolutely love beads and buttons. I find them very tactile. If there is an opportunity to repair necklaces I'm there! Many many years I was taught how to re-string Pearls, I now use the instructions for any beads, and I thought I would share the instructions with you.

First of all if the beads are of a complicated design draw the design or take a photograph, cut the thread. I always wash glass beads in hot soapy water, for this I use a cereal bowl. Swirl them around with your fingers then leave them to soak for a least an hour or better still overnight. When ready to start re-stringing tip the beads into a fine sieve and drain, tip out on to a towel and rub gently with the towel to dry Trust me they are much nicer to handle when washed!

Lay the beads out as they were originally

Take the thread and cut a piece four times the length of the laid out beads.
Knot and place a safety pin (an important piece of equpment for all beaders!)
at the knot, if you don't you will be forever threading beads
because they have fallen off the end!

String the first few beads

Then add a knot cover finding and a seed bead

Go on a return journey
but do not go through the seed bead.
Pull gently till the thread is tidy.
Pick up the rest of the beads and repeat with the
knot cover and seed bead, then go on a
return journey till you get back to the safety pin
pulling gently to tighten the thread.
Don't cut the thread.
Remove the safety pin and tie the ends together
Thread through the ends through a few beads and
carefully cut the thread
Squash the knot cover over the seed bead and add clasp.
I was requested to use a magnetic clasp, but please
remember to check with the owner of the beads that
they do not have a heart pacemaker, these clasps cannot
be used by these people.