Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bead Threading

Day 10 Felicity's Challenge.
I absolutely love beads and buttons. I find them very tactile. If there is an opportunity to repair necklaces I'm there! Many many years I was taught how to re-string Pearls, I now use the instructions for any beads, and I thought I would share the instructions with you.

First of all if the beads are of a complicated design draw the design or take a photograph, cut the thread. I always wash glass beads in hot soapy water, for this I use a cereal bowl. Swirl them around with your fingers then leave them to soak for a least an hour or better still overnight. When ready to start re-stringing tip the beads into a fine sieve and drain, tip out on to a towel and rub gently with the towel to dry Trust me they are much nicer to handle when washed!

Lay the beads out as they were originally

Take the thread and cut a piece four times the length of the laid out beads.
Knot and place a safety pin (an important piece of equpment for all beaders!)
at the knot, if you don't you will be forever threading beads
because they have fallen off the end!

String the first few beads

Then add a knot cover finding and a seed bead

Go on a return journey
but do not go through the seed bead.
Pull gently till the thread is tidy.
Pick up the rest of the beads and repeat with the
knot cover and seed bead, then go on a
return journey till you get back to the safety pin
pulling gently to tighten the thread.
Don't cut the thread.
Remove the safety pin and tie the ends together
Thread through the ends through a few beads and
carefully cut the thread
Squash the knot cover over the seed bead and add clasp.
I was requested to use a magnetic clasp, but please
remember to check with the owner of the beads that
they do not have a heart pacemaker, these clasps cannot
be used by these people.


  1. lovely necklace, I use to de a bit of bead work but now mainly cards, I am also from 'sunny' Somerset, down south

  2. I find that all a bit too complicated for me but you did an amazing job! Tamzin X

  3. Oooh I love beads too! I found 2 really tiny ones the other day and made some great antennas for my 4 inch fairy doll. The home decorating is continuing at my house. The paint tray needs cleaning and my dressing table's stuck right in the middle of my bedroom - but at least the Fairy on the mantlepiece looks beautiful! SueXXX

  4. Gosh! That was very informative, and so clearly explaned too. I have always fancied having a go at beading, and necklaces etc. The tip about the magnetic clasp and pacemakers was very useful, as I would not of though of that in a million years!Have a lovely and happy weekend, and thanks for visiting me again, I love seeing you there! Suzie xxx

  5. This is great... I am very new to jewellery making and am semi-self-taught (like with most my crafts hehe) and have never tried stringing beads like this - I tend to use beading wire and crimps or crochet with copper wire. I shall have to come back to this post in future when I want to try a new style of beading xx


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