Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Days 12 and 13

Felicity's challenge!
My Tomato plant has flowers!

My friend Diana asked me if I would make a dolly dress or two
for this doll for her grandchild. Dolly got two!


  1. I bought some tomato plants at 10p each at my daughter's school fete on Saturday. They have begun to flower too, I can't wait to see little tomatos growing ;-)
    I love the dress which you made, very pretty!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  2. It is so reassuring to see flowers on the tomato plants isn't it? My outdoor plants have done really well but my greenhouse tomato plants are six foot tall with hardly any flowers!!! I like dolly's dress! x

  3. Lots of tomatoes coming your way soon then! Love the dolly dress! Suzie xxx

  4. It's so exciting when plants do what they're supposed to, isn't it. Our tomato plants are heading for the compost bin.

  5. I'm as happy eating a warm tomato straight off the plant as I am an apple or any fruit. Hope yours keep growing as they should.
    I'm loving the little dolly frocks, although I'm sure there's as much work in them as a proper full size one.

  6. I hope you'll have tomatoes soon..not only flowers! ;-)

  7. oh the dolly dress is sweet, you could knit a little cardigan too, if i have a girl im planning lots of projects like this although i bet if we did have a girl she'd end up as a real tom boy! he he! fliss cc


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