Sunday 21 July 2013

We're having a heatwave......

new piece of embroidery which I started yesterday
..........but it is far too hot for me.  There was a wonderful breeze this morning whilst we walked round the bootfair, didn't purchase anything!  When we came home, quickly cut the front grass (only a small patch out the front) which took all-in-all about half an hour.  Then pottered about a bit and made lunch which can be found here, and life couldn't get better.............

  .......because the new Freeview channel 20 is currently showing the Joan Hickson's Miss Marple's twice a day on a Sunday!  Today it was the Sleeping Murder filmed all round Sidmouth Devon and in my husbands old place of work  I met Joan Hickson whilst she was filming this one!
the one and only Miss Marple!


  1. I loved the Joan Hickson Miss Marples ... happy days :D

  2. Its cooled a lot here today Julie, in fact I needed a cardigan on! Have to say though its better for me, I get constant headaches in heat. I also think she is the best Miss Marples too!

  3. Sounds like a good Sunday! It is very warm :) xx

  4. Lovely embroidery with the cool blue background! This weather is too hot for me too. We had a brief spell of rain this morning which was wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  5. Joan was a great Marple, I lve a good detective story.

  6. Hi Julie, yes I've seen what's coming up on that new channel...looks good. Too hot here today (Monday) and yesterday evening we had thunder and a torrential downpour. P.S. liked the stuffed mushrooms recipe, nice and simple for me!

  7. Lovely new embroidery, Julie! and Miss Marple and crafting go so well together don't they? Hope you manage to keep cool in these humid's a bit cooler here today!
    Helen x

  8. How fabulous to have met Miss Marple. Your food looks delicious! x

  9. your new embroidery project looks very interesting...i have two poppys left on my tablecloth but cannot muster up the henergy!

  10. What a lovely embroidery, Julie, I hope you have been able to continue with it. I'm a big fan of Miss Marple as you know, so that sounds like the perfect Sunday. I think we will try to catch up on some Poirot here as the Munchkin is currently into reading Agatha Christie, Hercule being his favourite!
    Hen xxx

  11. Hello Julie

    First of all I've been browsing through your blog admiring greatly ALL your makes and your post about being a crafter or rather someone indicating you were not, caught my attention.
    My answer to this is:
    Dictionary definition:
    an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill <crafts such as pottery, carpentry, and sewing

    ......and now on seeing this impressive make of yours using applique and embroidery I'd say crafter is a very apt description for you if not artist!!! If the person who wrote that remark is being sarcastic I would reply " on your lover...'cos you wouldn't recognize a crafter if you tripped over one!!!

    Keep at it Julie you do some really lovely projects :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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