Wednesday, 3 July 2013

This is my garden!

I just couldn't resist to photoshop these pictures.  
When I put bread on the bird-table for the garden birds, this pigeon sit in the middle and chucks it onto the ground and the Seagulls flock in.  
I had the camera ready today!

Now class............

Class dismissed..................


  1. Brilliant! They obviously hang around waiting for you to put out food.Seems strange to see them in an ordinary garden.

  2. I agree with Anne - the seagulls look sort-of weird in a garden, on green!

  3. Great photos and subject. I now have one seagull and two pigeons waiting for me when I get up each morning. We often have a couple of seagulls in the garden as they eat worms and slugs.

  4. Ha! Those dratted pigeons have a lot to answer for. So far I DON'T have seagulls - starlings yes, seagulls no.
    Rose H


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