Sunday, 30 June 2013

Drawing a line and starting over.........

me drawing a line
I have drawn a line under the last two blog post and I am starting again!  I'm not starting a new blog or anything just a new page.  

Today I have been working on our family tree.  It is a maze just like the ones you follow with a finger or pencil, or the ones to walk around, you turn a corner and it is a dead end, you have turn right around  and go the other way.
sourced from the internet
But we are getting there slowly.  They say if you have someone famous in your family that is good.  My husband has!  He was a Bare-Knuckle Prize Fighter in Norfolk, but cannot find whereabouts he goes in this maze/jigsaw family tree.  If any lovely readers live in or come from Norfolk and you heard of him please tell us?  Thank you in anticipation


  1. I hope you find the 'missing pieces' of your puzzle! Have you tried going onto the ancestory websites to find out more about your husbands famous ancestor? Good luck with your searching! x

  2. How fascinating. Hope your search turns out well. x

  3. I know how frustrating this research can be - and how rewarding too! Keep it up Julie :o)

    Rose H


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