Sunday, 28 July 2013

Finished.......and Friday!

I have finished my embroidery - the pattern is on my Pinterest board.  I also have another very similar in one of  my vintage magazines which I will also do as a companion piece.

I then did this! Gasp - Shock - Horror  please don't be afraid........................  This time it was washed at 95 degrees!

so that is phase one - I will being doing phase two in the week and phase three when it stops raining and the sun is out again.............funny how you miss opportunities to do something........... perhaps I just wasn't meant to do the phase three job then........

Lytes Cary Manor courtyard

Friday we decided to go out for the day, we went to Lytes Cary

Detail of a stump work mirror.  The stitches are so small and delicate!

Detail of a quilt. .Click on photo and have a closer look, the hexagon shapes are actually one piece and not pieces joined together - an idea and patience needed, but I will have a go!

Teasels in flower, a delicate mauve/lavender colour.  I have only ever seen these flowers dried and on seats in some National Trust properties to stop people sitting on the chairs on show.
Then we went on to East Somerset Railway

The little blue engine took us for a thirty minute ride up the track and back again.  We got off at the engine sheds and walked back to the station.

This vintage phone box is at the station is very interesting, not just a phone box but sold stamps too!

This photo was taken in the car of Minehead in the distance at St Audries.  There was nowhere to stop to take photo.  I wasn't driving by-the-way!


  1. Your embroidery work is beautiful Julie!

  2. Well done Julie, a lovely piece of work. Looking forward to seeing the next phases...
    Hen x

  3. Delighted you had a lovely day out-what a great phone box! Love your embroidery.

  4. Hi Julie...I've had a little break and now I'm catching up....Your latest embroidery is beautiful! I love the steam train and vintage red phone box too!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  5. What lovely detailed work, very talented :) xx

  6. Your embroidery is gorgeous good luck with stage 3. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xxx

  7. Very clever and very neat embroidery - well done you! I hope for sunny days for part 3
    Best wishes

  8. Lovely embroidery and I think that phone box/stamp box is great, I've never seen one of those before. Perhaps you should embroider that! :) Suzy x

  9. Your embroidery is beautiful, Julie. Good luck with the next stages. I love seeing stumpwork mirror frames like the one in your picture, they are so interesting and filled with lovely little details. Glad you had a lovely day out!
    Helen x


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