Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I grew this!

Oak Leaf Lettuce
Somehow I managed to keep the slugs and snails at bay. Well I did cheat a bit! I bought copper sticky tape from the garden centre and wrapped it around the pot. It was well worth the effort to do so because it is a vicious circle, I buy the vegetables and plant them, the slugs and snails are watching from their hidey holes and think he he! more food for us. Well not this time!

Coronation Chicken

We enjoyed it with our Coronation Chicken.
There are many versions of this 1953 dish ~ here's mine (this can be made either the day before or the on the day)
Thoroughly cook (poach or steam) some chicken (I had two chicken breasts from the freezer), at the same time in a pan cook an onion in a little oil try not to caramelise the onions, when cooked add some finely chopped dried apple, pear and apricots (or whatever you fancy) and two large spoons of curry paste (Patak's Korma we found this particular brand works best for us). Keep stirring and cook the paste, try not to let it caramelise, if it looks like it is a bit dry add a few spoonfuls of the stock the chicken was cooked in. Drain and throw the stock away and break the cooked chicken into pieces and put back into the bowl it was cooked in and add the curry mixture and thoroughly cover the chicken pieces, cover and put into fridge to get cold. Just before serving add two to four tablespoons of Mayonnaise.

Ingredients :: Chicken, (any thing, pieces, breasts or left overs from a whole chicken) - Three tablespoon Oil - Onion - Dried Fruit (your choice) - Curry Paste (Patak's) - Mayonnaise.

If using left over cooked chicken let the curry mixture get cold before putting it with the chicken then follow the rest of the recipe.


  1. It's lovely when you can eat your own home grown produce!
    I can't wait to eat ours..well I should say Nich's.. as he has got the gardening bug and is growing things for us to eat!

  2. Ooh, that chicken looks delish, and I shall enjoy your lettuce across the web as Henry means we won't grow it this year unless I can find a spot he can't get to which is tricky. (unless we grow it at the lottie, but I like to have it handy)
    Have tried most of the Patak's but not the Korma for some reason - will seek it out.

  3. Well done on the lettuce! I must try the chicken recipe some time.


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