Saturday, 27 June 2009

Those Roses Again!

The Roses I bought exactly one week ago.
Two bunches, £1 per bunch, didn't look like would survive!
The secret is to strip all the leaves off.
Rose leaves are parasites on cut roses, that is why the heads
curl over and droop, the leaves take all the water that is
being sucked up the stems
This morning I cut the Roses short

I have to confess I did leave a few leaves on.
Not the large leaves but the new shoots that were
growing from the leaf joints.

These were trimmed both ends and just put in water.
Either the leaves will get bigger or they will die.
When the cuttings look strong enough pot on into soil
and just see if they grow.
Sometimes it is successful, and sometimes it fails but fun trying
(See 9th August 2008 - under heading "gardening")

These bits are for the compost!


  1. Ah, so that's where I go wrong with cut roses!
    Hope your weekend is going well

  2. good tip kc!
    i love roses, and buy them from time to time, just to admire and smell the amazing fragance; but will try and plant the lower part of them next time ;)
    nice weekend!
    aren't you crafting these days?


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