Sunday, 24 October 2010

Think I would like to retire............

and play house again. Following on from the last post, I went to work on Thursday and again Janet asked how I was and I said nothing changed the cold and cough were still with me, and then thought in for a penny in for a pound quickly asked if I could have Friday off.......? Janet thought a bit and said I could - well I felt like a child, you know when you say I don't feel well, that's OK you can stay at home today, and all of a sudden as if by magic you are well again and by midday I had a skip in my step, as I went home. We didn't set the alarm for Friday morning, we don't need it as we automatically wake up before the alarm at 6am these days, but this Friday morning I looked at the clock it said 7am, I must have been tired and unwell, we both overslept by an hour! That is not 'normal' for us! Alex said the car was booked in for its MOT, so he said he would pop into work as well. I had the morning to myself.

I thought I would make Butternut Squash Soup and Homemade Bread!

Butternut Squash, Carrots, Potatoes, Leek, one pint of liquid,
water or stock, a few Italian herbs and pepper, and salt to taste
Leave to cook slowly until all the vegetables are cooked.
When cooked just turn off heat leave till needed.
When needed liquidize, reheat till hot and serve.
The cream is optional!
I though at the same time I would resurrect my bread maker, I haven't used it in a while!

8 fl oz warm water
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoons caster sugar
7 oz White bread flour
7 oz Wholemeal bread flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon quick yeast
Follow your Bread maker instructions
mine tells me to put the ingredients in in this order.
On Saturday I made a cake, the first in ages
Remembered to take photo after half was eaten!
I mentioned in my last post I am doing a craft fair at the end of November, so I thought I would make a start.
I made this Stocking.......................


  1. I am glad you are better now Julie. You have had a very productive few days. I love the stocking by the way. x

  2. i love the stocking, glad you're feeling better and had a nice day off! fliss xx

  3. Its wonderful to have those days I like to call them my mental health days a much needed recharge. It's amazing how everything looks better!

  4. Glad you're feeling better Julie, it's been a nasty bug hasn't it? It's my first day back to work after 2 weeks! Still have my cough :( x

  5. That soup looks very tasy, as does the cake - explains why the other half was missing!

  6. I bet you were healed by that yummy cake! :)
    Have a lovely week!

  7. Oh such lovely goodies to enjoy (by eye if not by tum).
    Am blogging shortly, mentioning you, hope that's OK. Have some momentous news, but sadly for the cause of you and I meeting up, my bloggy friend, it's north not south. :(

  8. You obviously needed a day to yourself to recover. You sound much better and what a lovely boss !!

  9. So much eye candy in this post!
    Thanks for the recipe, I will be making your delicious soup sometime this week!
    I too been busy making Christmas stockings... Although I`m running out of inspiration!
    So it was nice to see yours!
    Its sooooo BEAUTIFUL!


  10. Your post made me smile, it all seemed very familiar, especially the bit about staying off school and feeling well by lunchtime (or feeling well by 9.30am in my case). I make a lot of bread in the breadmaker and veg soup but have never tried butternut squash so must give it a go. Eli.


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