Saturday, 9 October 2010

I did, I did........

...........I made it! I went here today.

Met lovely Sal
and also met lovely Helen

We had a good look at all the stalls, lots of interesting items, I think I wanted everything!
Afterwards we had a good look round Totnes, mostly in the charity shops.

And had lunch here


  1. I bet you had a wonderful time! Lovely photos too! x

  2. Hello Julie, It is ages since I left a comment I'm sorry but I have been visiting regularly.
    Your son's wedding looked lovely and sounded like a happy time. I bet little Caitlin looked cute too.
    Now this Crafty day you had looks great too. Did you buy stuff and what are you going to do with it ???

  3. Lovely photos, Julie. I love Totnes too, hopefully we'll base ourselves there next year for our hols.

  4. Glad you had a lovely day at the fair in Totnes. I am sorry I didn't get to meet/say hello. I was rushed off my feet all day. What a fab event it was. Lizzie

  5. I was so sorry not to be able to visit the fair... it looks amazing.... you should have popped upstairs at China Blue and said 'hello'... I was teaching all day but it would have been lovely to meet time?

  6. ohhh how wonderful- i wanted to go to this fair in Totnes but was at a wedding in Essex...i love tones and all its charms!...i bet you had a super time x i would have met you- maybe next time xxxx


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