Thursday 21 October 2010

I here - honest............

Coughs, colds and a mammogram........
For the last two weeks, if I haven't been sneezing I have been coughing (mostly at night - so not a lot of sleep!) and last Friday a mammogram, every time I go I say 'don't you dare find anything else wrong with me', ten years ago this coming Christmas Eve I found a lump! An ordinary lump but there it was and it is Christmas so I tried to forget about it till the hospital appointment came through. The appointment came through very quickly and it was diagnosed as one easy to treat, but I still had to have a mastectomy! The lump 4cm was in the cleavage! My friend Jane who kindly came with me for the mammogram thinks I'm terrible because I make jokes, like walking lopsided and my mammogram only takes half the time to do!! I just don't do ill very well, I 'm a bit of a pain when I'm ill but being ill for nearly a year took the biscuit! I was not happy because I did not feel like doing anything, I was suppose to rest, that is what my body was telling me do, my brain had other ideas! It was then I discovered daytime television, I wasn't impressed but I watched it because I didn't feel like doing anything else (I don't watch it anymore!)! I call my breast cancer one of those horrible "glitches" on the horizon!

It's feeling ill with the cold as to why I haven't blogged for well over a week - but I'm here now trying to create things for a craft fair I'm doing in November, I should have thought about it sooner, but other things cropped up like our son's wedding, so now I must get down to making crafty things now - any ideas...........?

Sweet Chestnuts
alas far too small to roast over an open fire!

My very bright red rose that I accidentally dug up back in the spring and that has been in a bucket since then - note to self must replant it soon!

I just love this delicate rose don't you?


  1. Hope it's good news with your mamogramme. I go for mine next Thursday. A necessary nuisance so just glad when it's all done. Really love your red rose.
    A x

  2. Sorry to hear all you have been through and hope that the news is positive! I don't really know what you can make for the craft fair but here are some suggestions; mobile phone cover, needlecase, covered notebooks, keyrings. I suppose small and simple is the way to go as you haven't got much time to make them before the fair! x

  3. Hope all's well on the mammogram front and that you're feeling better. The rose photos are lovely, especially the red one.

  4. Thats what obviously makes you such a special beautiful person keeping your personality alive despite an awful time...i really hope u get the all wishes to you...woman are so brave when it comes to these things.
    rosting chestnuts sounds off to play in my mums gypsy carvan this week end...though i dont think i'll beable to camp in it as its turned very cold...snuggly up my lovely, best wishes x

  5. Fingers crossed for you that all will be well. Re the craft show - what about some tree ornaments (see my blog for the quick to make ones I have done) pin cushions, lavender sachets, knitted hearts (ask me if you want a pattern and they are quick) bookmarks.... Hope you find something quick and easy to do and that you will feel better soon. Don't overdo it though will you?


  6. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well - hope you are back to your usual self very soon.

  7. Hi Julie
    Sorry to hear you've been unwell this week - and having broken sleep at night is quite miserable. Good luck with the result of the mammogram - it's good to have a sense of humour about it all, isn't it?
    As for the craft fair - I'd stick with straightforward things which are always popular such as shopping bags, purses, lavender hearts, etc. Nothing too time consuming for you to make, that's for sure.
    Take care,
    Hope you feel better soon,
    Denise x

  8. I shall be thinking of you. I absolutely dread my mammograms! Even if there is only one boob to do like you! I am the same too, always making jokes about it to the nurses! Love the rose! Susie xxx

  9. Gosh you've been through such a lot.
    I hope a pray that you have good news.

  10. I'm so sorry that you have had cancer and I truly hope it stays well away from you for always!
    Thank you for popping by....have a great weekend!xxx

  11. Hi Julie, wishing you all the best for the results of your mammogram.
    Lovley snippets from your garden, we're still enjoying a lot of flowers too.

  12. Hi Julie, I can see it's a difficult time for you at the moment. I know how unsettling it can be waiting for test results. They say keeping busy is best but its not always easy is it. I can't offer any advice but perhaps I should end with this little saying... 'Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesteday'. Hopefully you'll soon be able to say that with confidence. Take care. Eli.

  13. Thank you for popping by, Julie, and for your kind comment :-)
    Happy weekend!
    Denise x


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