Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No pictures today! I'm not happy either! We were away from our computer for precisely five days for our sons wedding and a short break (my last post). On our return no emails, the ones I am receiving I received well over hundred times, spent one and half hour on Sunday afternoon on the phone only to be told they could not verify our password till Tuesday, rang Tuesday their lines were down! Rang this afternoon still no help - apparently their servers are down till further notice! So if I owe anybody an email Sorry.
I tried to upload photos on one of my other blogs only to be told my photos were corrupted - why..........? I'll try again tomorrow!


  1. oh no! hope it sorts out soon ;0)
    my yahoo address i think might have been spam'd cos for 2 months i couldnt read my mail and kept comming up with blank page?? wasnt sure what went wrong? but i can now access it thankfully x

    best wishes- im off to a wedding now ;0)

  2. Oh I hope you get it all sorted out soon! I have been experiencing some problems with blogger and photos since they changed it. Have a happy weekend. Susie xxx

  3. Hi Julie
    Thanks for popping by :-)
    Sorry to hear you're having such a lot of hassle with internet/blogging at the moment. I know Blogger has been causing problems for many people and I had a spate of not being able to comment on blogs, etc. In the past, issues have been tracked back to widgets - so I got rid of all extraneous widgets on my blog (those imported from elsewhere, not the ones designed by Blogger) and i've had no further problems.
    This may / may not be the case for you, but thought it might be useful just in case!
    Hope you have a happy weekend,
    Denise x


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