Friday 19 February 2010

Cake, Catch-up, Frustration and Other Things.....

It has taken me nearly two hours to upload all my images! And three hours to do this blog it has crashed twice! I am quite glad it somehow saves what you have done. So I am very frustrated, the phone has rung at least six times, but despite everything I did manage to multitask while doing so. In the days since finishing the quilt for Denise, I have been catching up on the little tasks that I keep putting to one side to do later. You know mending etc.

I have put the bells back onto the Alex's Christmas socks.

Now they can be put away for the next ten months

Repaired this necklace for one of the customers in the shop

I'm still waiting for the the lady to collect.

Restrung these for another customer The red beads are a nut of some kind and when they are stacked on to of one another they make the nut the large black beads are a seed of some kind. The necklace itself is very very light and very fascinating wondering what the seeds are.

Darned Alex's jumper.

There were fours holes in all I hope the moth
had indigestion after eating this!

Made up these cards for shop display
As you see I am not much of a paper crafter
give me a needle and thread and material any day!
While I was waiting for the pictures to upload I extended my husbands pockets in his trousers I made a bit of a mess of them so now I have to reinforce them with some hand sewing. Why can't they make trouser pockets deeper! Now the "cleaning lady" loses out of the few pennies found down the side of the chair ;~( !

About eighteen months ago I repaired this
the same lady came into the shop with this
hoping I can do something
with it - her dog chewed it........
After making Caitlin's blanket I thought we would like one.
I thought I would do it in the Ripple Pattern which seems quite popular.
I kept doing it wrong but eventually got it sussed!
The pattern can be found here
I have used King Cole "Splash"
756 Summer Fruits, 811 Apricot, 812 Lemon & Lime
I want to finish this and stitch all the clothing and hair
securely to the doll before tomorrow
as Caitlin's daddy is staying overnight.
I gave these as presents for Christmas, I thought they were a present that will last for a while after Christmas and brighten up dull days, well..........I only planted my at the end of January because I forgot it, this is what it should look like by now!

Now I have caught up I am going to try and get some more of these done! Oh and while I was multitasking I made one of these, but cannot eat it till tomorrow!

Do you share our sense of humour and
find this article very funny?
Alex and I did!


  1. Gosh you have been busy.
    Love your little clipping.
    Luv sophie xxx

  2. You certainly know how to multi-task! You are a fine needlewoman Julie what with all your sewing/mending projects you have on the go. The clipping about the council is very humorous but how did that person get the key? That's what I want to know!!!

  3. Yes I do find it funny. I often get told off for my humour! You sound like you have been so busy, as for the blog, I know, Isn't it frustrating when you try to do something and nothing goes right, and themn other disturbances and things going wrong follow! suzie. xxx

  4. How many things are you able to make?! Have a great weekend!xxxxxx

  5. woweeee!! such perfect multi tasking!!! you really are a fixer of all things lovely!...wish i was better at fixing things...i have alot of necklaces sweet pea's accidently broken and ive never fixed ;0)x i loved the bit at the end about the parish notice board! hehe

  6. Phew... you have been busy! How strange that I have been mending too... must be something in the air! Glad you liked the photos and that took you for a stroll down memory lane.
    Love Yvonne xxxx

  7. You have been very productive!
    I like that paper clipping, very funny.

    Like you, I too sometimes wonder if the ceilings can take the weight of all the stuff we have in the loft... We had cracks appear in one room so had to shift things around....

    Have a lovely weekend

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. hi, julie! lots of news around you..
    well, you are my first friend in my giveaway :); now you will have to wait until next 7/3 :S
    love and hugs

  9. You've been veeeeery busy! Well done, you've certainly achieved alot. I really like the colours in your ripple blanket.

    It always takes me hours to upload a blog post and thats without the computer crashing.

  10. Hi Julie,

    Not true my dear – you look like a wonderful paper crafter to me based on those lovely cards.

    What a busy day, it certainly puts my day to shame! I love the newspaper clipping, it sounds like something out of the Midsomer Murders. It might make a good start to one of Barnaby’s cases :)


  11. What a beautiful blog you have! I love all your knitting ! x


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