Friday, 1 August 2008


A rather cross lady came into where I worked the other day asking if we knew anybody who crocheted? I said I did and could I help?
Yes she said, someone had had an accident with a candle on a best tablecloth and could I repair

from this to................


The cotton and colour were difficult to match, and the texture is wrong but it is repaired

I do hope she is happy with it!

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  1. hi, kc!
    nice work, i can't see the difference you say..sure your friend must be happy
    and in the previous post, i can see the honeysuckle!!!!!!!!!!! one of my favs flowers, smells sooooo gorgeous
    there are two translators in my blog, you can use it choosing english, so you can read; the translated version is not so good, but at least you will be able to understand some words
    nice weekend, kisses vivi


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