Wednesday, 20 August 2008

I shouldn't have gone.............

A week ago I was taken to an exhibition given by a local artist who teaches Textiles. Anyone needing inspiration or just needing a kick start back into action this was it! I haven't stitched or done anything craftwise for ages, but after going to this exhibition I was inspired! The subject was the "Seasons". Julia had transformed four A3 art books into scrapbooks one for each season. What she had done I couldn't begin to describe.
I have always wanted to make a "Crazy Quilt" (8th January and 7th February) and had started it, but I could only proceed with it if there was no-one in the house. Then a few months back I went to the local library and found a book entitled 'Recipes and Quilts from Provence'. In the book there was a quilt based on the rooftops of Provence. Now I am taking my effort to pieces and starting again, and whilst doing that I shall be making a scrapbook too! I will eventually publish the scrapbook pages as and when I think the pages are completed so you will see both the quilt and book.
As you see from the first piece I have even started embelishing the quilt. I will finish the quilt but I am not hurrying with it.


  1. hi kc: it has started beautiful so, it will end the same way, for sure!
    i will keep coming to see how it goes
    big kisses

  2. Thanks Vivi - You have encouraged me to definitely finish it!


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