Sunday, 17 August 2008

Victoria Sandwich

I haven't made a cake like this for a few years! I usually use the mixture for small cakes which usually get eaten before they are iced. If I make small cakes I prefer to use a Paper Muffin Case instead of ordinary Cake Cases, but for very small children try using the Sweet Cases which are quite tiny (they might even get iced!).

This recipe was used by my grandmother and mother, and I have always had success with the result! It is great for people who have their own Chickens, works with Duck eggs too!


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, gas 4

Weigh 2 or 3 eggs in their shells,
then weigh the Butter, Flour and Sugar to the same weight.

Beat the Butter and Sugar together until pale in colour

Beat the eggs then add slowly to the butter and sugar mixture

Gently fold in the flour.

Divide the mixture equally between two sandwich tin, or cake cases and cook.

Test to see if cooked with a skewer.

Sandwich together with jam.

(should be Raspberry, but any jam that happens to be opened at the time!)


My son rang me at work the other day to ask if the eggs were alright for eating, I knew they were! This is how I was taught to test to see if they were OK. Fill the large jug/bowl with cold water and drop the eggs in their shells into the water if they float do not attempt to use them, throw them away. But if they sink and they lay on there sides they are perfectly are OK to eat! If they stand on their end, beware and crack the eggs into to a cup before use, if they look and smell OK they are OK. The whites of the Duck Eggs go green if they are going off.

If still not sure at all, always break into a cup before use.

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