Saturday, 23 August 2008

How difficult can it be.............

to fix a valve record player, especially for an "expert" like my Husband? Well, judging by the ********* coming from him , damn near impossible! It got so bad at one stage he asked me to consider getting someone in to exorcise it as he was convinced it was cursed! As you see it, it works, but my Husband has had to go and lie down in a darkened room until the pain goes away!
(for the technically minded the aggro was caused by lots of loud hum (louder than the record it was playing) complete silence (apart from the hum), the player refusing to play any records and the top panel coming away in his hand (not to mention the lid falling down narrowly missing his fingers!) I'm off to sooth his fevered brow and tell him it will be alright. (well hopefully!!)


  1. kc! for some reason i had lost your blog address, i was so worried!
    but today i spent some time reading old posts, i was sure you had left me a message.. and i found you!
    just that :)
    nice weekend

  2. Thank you for finding me again:)


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