Saturday, 16 August 2008

How difficult can it be.............

I only wanted to top-up my phone! The last time I saw my top-up card was when I asked my son if he would be so kind to assist and gave him the money and card. When said phone needing topping up again last week I asked for the card back. Ooops! came the reply, I thought it was somebody else's and chucked it! I managed to track down another swipe card, and proceeded to follow the instructions. Rang the number from the landline and tapped in my mobile number and was then asked for my four digit number - er......."what four digit number"! I have had my phone since the "brick" days, so no four digit number! Things have come a long way! This morning I rang from my mobile as I had a couple of quid left, only to get someone in a country far far away but half-way through I managed to go out of signal so that was the end of that. Went and did the usual weekly shop, and while in the large carpark facing more or less out to sea I tried again. Back to the land of far far away but this time someone who spoke remarkably good english and understood every word. Went through the rigmarole of giving details only to be told this was not my phone, remembered it used to be my Husbands so I passed the phone to him, he went through the usual ID palaver, got the four digit number and got the phone topped-up. It only took a week to get this far! But now at least I can top-up with relative ease...... I hope!!!


  1. I had that problem when trying to top up by phone, but now I go into a phone shop, hand over the phone and money and they do it for you. So much easier!

  2. Do you go to an Orange phone shop?
    Our nearest one is Taunton!


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