Saturday, 9 August 2008

Sent with love.................

Two years ago on Valentines Day, my husband gave me a surprise bunch of red roses. One of the stalks had a side shoot and over the couple of weeks I had the roses in the vase, the little shoot got bigger! When the flowers died I cut the rose head off and put the stalk in water. Over the weeks and months the little shoot grew, occaisonally the watering was forgotten, but the shoot survived! Eventually we planted the stalk into a pot of soil and more leaves grew but it was forgotten in a very hot conservatoryand nearly died. We caught it just in time and I decided to put in the garden, in March, on the basis that at least if it was forgotten, the rain would water it! Then a few weeks ago, I noticed a bud, and thought with a bit of luck we should have a nice red rose.......... and here it is!

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