Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentines and Baking...........

Happy Valentines Day Everyone

My flowers!

I made a Swiss Roll inspired by Simone the other week
As you see not the best specimen in the world
but I expect it will taste nice!
I forgot to trim the edges and for some
reason the mixture didn't spread properly
and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I always remember making a Swiss Roll in Domestic Science at school, and the teacher sending me with a message to some other teacher, then on my return to the classroom got told off for not being there to take my cake out of the oven! When I said that she had sent me on a message her answer was well you should have said your cake was in the oven, well somehow I don't think she would have wanted to say that as that would have been classed as being cheeky!

I also made some Macaroons
my recipe and they are like almond flavoured meringues

Pre Heat oven to
17o degrees C or 325 degrees F or Gas 3

2 egg whites whisked till white and and stiff
add 3 1/2oz sugar and continue whisking till stiff
mix together 1/2oz sugar and 3oz ground Almonds together
then fold into the mixture also adding
a few drops of Almond Essence.
Cherries optional

Spoon onto a prepared tray I have used those washable baking sheets
but you can use Rice Paper.

After about 15 mins remove from the oven and let cool for a
short while


  1. awwwww beautiful flowers xxxx
    hope your having a very special valentines ;0)
    ummmm more tasty treats! looks heavenly ;0)xxxx

  2. Hi Julie! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Alex! xxxx

  3. Well done on the swiss roll! I bet it would be nice with custard! The macaroons look delicious too.

  4. Hi, I've just found your blog via Sal's Snippets. I love the cakes and the quilt in your previous post looks amazing! Sue XX

  5. I'd love a slice of your swiss roll.
    Teachers - pah! I remember my domestic science teacher writing RHUBHARB on the blackboard. I spoke up and was told I was wrong, felt very humiliated (esp since none of my classmates had a clue how to spell it), so at end of class, as I left, I licked my finger and wiped out the second H. She saw me, dragged me back and gave me a detention.
    Thankfully my bright boy is spared all of that by not going to school.
    Anyway, where was I, oh yes, I love anything almondy, so those macaroons are a must this week.

  6. Yum yum - I've always been put off making a swiss roll as I've worried about rolling it up and then it splitting! Yours looks great.

  7. I love the macaroons! Oh yes! I remember making a swiss roll in domestic science too! Also a christmas pudding, and I forgot to put in the suet! suzie xxx

  8. hehe i knew u were an essex girlie! thats why i love your blog! yes i knew hadleigh..tho mainly from a car window why did we both end up this way hey? takes us all in new directions. X

  9. I love what you have baked, two of my real favourites! The swiss roll brings back good memories. It is the first thing that I ever learnt to bake at school. Oh I was so pleased with myself! ;-)

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  10. Thank you for sharing your flowers and cakes! Yummy, yummy! But also the quilt. Doesn't the hand stitching transform it? Great for having the get up and go to nabbing it!

  11. Hiya, sorry I've not been by for a while, I'm using my half term break to catch up...xx


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