Sunday, 28 February 2010

Friday Bake on a Sunday!

Another Friday Bake on a Sunday! Sometimes Friday afternoons are a bit hectic, so I shall be doing my Friday Bakes between Friday afternoon and Sunday lunchtime. Anyway after being inspired by Simone's Swiss Roll and making one, I remembered the teachers in Domestic Science demonstrating what else could be made from a Swiss Roll cake. And if Mary is reading this blog do you remember this? I remember the teachers using Butter Cream Icing for the cake.

Make a Swiss Roll and turn it out on the a cooling rack and let it get cold, that's where the similarity ends. Mine looks larger than it should because I used three eggs and was going to cook it in three Victoria Sandwich tins but then thought you might like to see how I saw it originally done!

Trim the edges, then cut the cake in to three equal pieces and make a filling. I made mine with 5 oz Mascarpone cheese, about 2oz sifted icing sugar and a half of a small tin of Mandarin segments - drained.
Cream the Icing Sugar and Mascarpone cheese together, then add the drained Mandarins breaking them as them are mixed in
Spread on two layers of cake. Then pile on top of one another.
Looks a bit rustic as usual sorry
Yesterday's charity shop finds in Taunton.
I have always wanted on of these, even saw them in kit form once!
This one was £2.50 - I always say things come to those who wait........
Pretty tablecloth for £2.50 too!

........and this for £1.
Originally 20pence that's inflation for you!


  1. The rustic look suits me fine :-)
    Some lovely finds. Lucky you.
    A x

  2. Taunton is on the list and I know exactly where the charity shops are!!
    We might pay a visit there on Saturday!
    Great finds ;-)

  3. The cake looks lovely - and much easier than rolling it all up!

    Pomona x

  4. I bet the cake tasted lovely with the addition of fruit too. I could just do with a slice of that now!

  5. That cake looks yummy!!! Of course you can come and play... anytime.
    Love Yvonne xx


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