Saturday 8 November 2008

Old fashioned style knitted baby blanket

I have put the pattern below for anyone to use,
but please only for personal use.
Please do not use it for commercial use.

8 x 50gram balls of Patons Fairytale 100% wool baby yarn
1 pair of 7.5 Knitting Needles
Abbreviations M = Make, K = Knit, KTog = Knit Two Together
Centre panel
Cast on 1 sttich
Next row - M1, K1
Next row - M1 K2
Next row - M1 K3
Continue this way until 107 Stitches
Next row - KTog, knit to end
Next row - KTog, knit to end
Continue this way until 1 stitch cast off.

Cast on 13 stitches with a different colour yarn, cut yarn

rejoin baby yarn and continue

Row one - K7, M1 KTog, M1, K4
Row two and every alternate row Knit
Row three -K6 (M1, KTog) twice, M1 K4
Row five - K5 (M1, KTog) three times, M1 K4
Row seven - K4 (M1, KTog) four times, M1 K4
Row nine - K3 (M1, KTog) five times, M1 K4

Row eleven - K4 (M1, KTog) five times, KTog K2
Row thirteen - K5 (M1, Ktog) four times, KTog K2
Row fifteen - K6 (M1, KTog) three times, KTog K2
Row seventeen - K7 (M1, KTog) twice, KTog K2
Row nineteen - K8 M1 (KTog) twice, K2
Row twenty - As row Two

Repeat 35 times more (36 Patterns in all)
Do Not cast off

When completed pick up the stitches from the other end
and undo the cast on row, making sure the knitting is not twisted.
With the two needles together pick up the first two stiches together
and knit, then then pick up the second two stitches and knit,
casting off loosely in the usual way
Count nine patterns, in the nineth pattern
thread a few stitches with a piece of matching wool.
Do this four times

Pull the ends together tightly and knot
these gathered pieces are placed on the corners
Pin the edging around the centre panel and stitch in place

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