Thursday 6 November 2008

Fireworks.....what fireworks?

Was it or was it not Guy Fawkes night last night?
Gun Powder Treason and Plot and all that........
I thought goodie I'll try and capture some
fireworks going off with my camera.
Well I waited, and waited but to no avail
no fireworks were seen,
but while I was waiting I thought I would
just point the camera and take photographs.
This was the results!

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  1. kc, thanks for your comment :)
    mmm, i have no idea what the secret is, i have been taking patchwork classes since october 2007, and i found it addictive! i found myself matching colours in my mind lol
    for this one, i made the paper patterns, pin them to the fabrics, and hand sew all the pieces, being especially careful with the corners
    if there is something else that you want to know, just ask :)
    ps: may i recomend you a blog?
    it's in spanish also, but the pictures are amazing! and there are lots of tutorials too


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